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My family get together is tomorrow night! So that’s when the cheese will hit! Or the wine, I guess it depends on how good the cheese is, and how annoying my family is. Or maybe nothing. Maybe I’ll be ok as I am. 

Whatevs. That means today I stayed Whole 30 compliant. 

Except, I did have have a swig of my husbands Diet Mountain Dew while cleaning dishes. It was pretty fake sugartastict. 

Breakfast- two bananas- cashew butter- it’s my favorite

Lunch- chicken salad with apples, nuts, and cranberries. Left over mixed veggies.

Dinner- smashed potatoes and sausage. 

My husband almost brought home a milkshake tonight- but I told him I would be ready for a dessert on a special occasion- and today wasn’t it. Maybe Saturday. I’m at a Halloween Party with coworkers so I’m going into it open to indulging if anything seems like a good idea. 

But if it’s not worth it, then I’m holding on. 


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Blue cheese is a no. It’s a hard no. 

I had this salad, spinach, strawberries, onions, avocado, and blue cheese. The dressing was olive oil, pepper, and some honey. 

It was delicious- I had two huge bowls of it. Then I came home and the pain started. 

I was up till 4am. 

Im not surprised. Before all this I suffered from pain because of my gall bladder and heart burn when I ate things- it just always seemed random and I couldn’t figure it out.

I think the blue cheese could be a contender.

The rest of my day I was compliant.


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So, small update, I’ve been keeping whole 30, but not watching smallaount of sugar like in my mayonaise and I put a teaspoon of honey in my tea at night.

Last night I went out with my husband and did have a couple bites of a three layer chocolate mouse cake- we split the dessert. It was AMAZING! I think it was worth it although right now I’m having a powerful sugar craving so I’m back no sugar today, to pull myself back in check.

I know my next big test will be Halloween. My whole family gets together and does a trick or treat of our neighborhood and eats apple crisp. 

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