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Wedding Wellness Adventure


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I am currently on Day 4 of this Whole 30 adventure. I got hooked on this idea via a couple friends who tried it and loved it. So far....I'm a fan.

I was stuck with my food. Stuck in the cycle of "I'm too tired to cook so I'm just going to get something quick." I knew it was hitting me in all the right places - my attitude, my sleeping habits, my self image. I always meant to get back to working out. I just have a busy life right now as I'm in my third year of medical school where our time is dictated by our attendings and patient care. If I can't get to the gym every day then how was I going to ever start getting back in shape? Food. Food is something I can control a little more than how much time I have free in the day. So here I am. Eating better for a better waistline, better mentality, and better overall outlook on life.

I call this my "Wedding Wellness Adventure" because it's another big reason I decided to give this lifestyle change a go. I'm getting married in just under a year. My future husband is so good about monitoring his food and getting himself to the gym, and I feel a little guilty when I "force" us to eat junk food instead of cooking a healthier option when I see him. He's so supportive of my busy life; I wanted to return the favor in some way, and choosing better foods to help my overall health is something he can appreciate. Plus, it means I'll stop complaining about being out of shape so much which I'm 100% sure he will be thankful for. He just wants the best for me. I know I've got a good one by my side, and I can't wait to be stuck with him forever. And now I'll stop gushing and get to the meat and potatoes of my log...Whole 30 approved of course. 

Days 1-3 were pretty good. I almost had a slip up as I walked through the grocery store the other day, but I kept my eyes on the fruit and protein in my cart instead of the candy aisle...and more importantly the dairy aisle. I love milk and most things dairy; giving it up for the next 30 days is probably the worst part of the program for me. I do miss milk and cheese and Diet Coke, but I'm also enjoying the all the homemade foods I've been consuming this week. I didn't quite make the mayonnaise correctly, but it gets the job done on my salads. I have some better prep work to do this coming weekend to be ready for next week. I can already tell this lifestyle change is having positive outcomes - I don't feel as bloated, I'm not hungry all the time, and I've been sleeping better. Some cravings are starting to kick in, but I'm determined to not let them weasel their sugary goodness back into my heart. Tough love, baby. 

I will do my best to post regularly, but as I mentioned earlier, my time isn't my own until June. It's nice to know there's a place to reach for advice and support for when I need it.

I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderfully fantastic day ahead of them! Until next time :)

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