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Whole30 Slow Cooker book - Adjust for 8 Qt Inst Pot

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I just bought the newest W30 Slow Cooker cookbook. I have a 8 Qt Instant Pot. All the recipes seem to call for a 4 to 6 Qt Slow Cooker or a 6 Qt Instant Pot. I'm not sure how to adjust the recipes for my larger size Instant Pot (which I can use as a slow cooker but it's still 8 Qt). In general, I'm thinking that without enough liquid, the recipe will burn? Or maybe dry out? Also, I don't necessarily want to double the recipes just to fit my 8 Qt. Any ideas or help would be appreciated! I have all the other W30 cookbooks and love them! :)

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I think your best bet for this question is probably to ask on sites that specialize in Instant Pot, rather than ones that specialize in Whole30. I know when you're using it as a pressure cooker, it definitely needs more water to come to pressure than the smaller one does, so some recipes will be affected by that. I'm not sure about when you're using it as a slow cooker though. 

I googled "how to cook a recipe for a 6 qt instant pot in an 8 qt" and found this: https://mycrazygoodlife.com/instant-pot-cooking-differences/, or if you're one Facebook, you might look for Instant Pot groups there. 

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