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Mindless munching begone


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I took some “before” photos this morning. Holy moly I didn’t realise how bad I’ve let things get. Even my hands are fat!  Don’t get me wrong, I knew I couldn’t get a ring off anymore but I’d somehow navigated around that warning sign back to the same poor food. Coke by the litre (I’m in Australia, I do metric!) and mountains of sugar late at night.  No more mindless fatness, time to be aware of the cause and effect!

I’m hopeful that from this I will learn to eat more mindfully, that the psoriasis on my hands and feet clears up, that I make long lasting changes and can use this to steer toward massive weight loss and good health. 

Day one was not bad. Breakfast and lunch, no temptation.  Evening is usually much harder for me and tonight was no different. I had to make kids lunches and dinner (because I was so down with my prep I forgot to put the corned beef in the slow cooker for the rest of the family) and the baby was ready for milk so I had to snack before I breastfed her. Thanks to a bit of prep yesterday I grabbed a hard boiled egg instead of my usual Coke and chocolate.

Fell asleep feeding the baby and was tempted to skip dinner. BUT that’s my old bad habit so I got up and put my mince and tomato sauce over zoodles, heated and ate. Now I’m sitting here while my brain searches for that something sweet to end a meal and I know it isn’t coming. I’m going to drink more water, brush my teeth and finish this day while I’m ahead!

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Tough not to get on the scales today - just a part of my old routine. Wrangling with a cranky 6yo who didn’t want to go to school meant no time to cook breakfast so glad I had some hard boiled eggs in the fridge. 

Next came a morning tea of cakes and biscuits but easily resisted. 

The headache started around 1pm so some green tea and another litre of water. Did nothing to help!

Lunch at 3pm thanks to some tight deadlines at work but the salad with chicken and avo was delish!

Snack before breastfeeding baby was banana and  a big handful of roasted veg.  Dinner will be mince, tomato sauce and veg (like last night).

My psoriasis is driving me nuts today. As expected it’s Coke that I’m yearning for... but wanting isn’t having so far I’m ok. 

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Avoided the scales! Blood pressure is improved (113/73), skin still really itchy.

Had the rest of Monday’s spinach frittata for breakfast today. Eaten cold while driving the kids to their various drop offs. Super filling. Didn’t eat lunch until 2:30 and no temptation to snack either.  Switched to green tea as I just can’t do coffee or tea with almond milk. 

Lunch was chicken with salad, avocado and balsamic dressing. Yummo!  Enjoying the rainbow of foods. 

Survived the afternoon even though I had to drop by supermarket on my break and there was discounted choccies as far as the eye could see (for Halloween).

and making meals for hubby and the kids. Had a few bites of chicken to tide me over til dinner which will be veggies and chicken.

Thinking I’ll make some meatballs next week. Usually an easy go to.

Enjoying not having to worry about snacks.  


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