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celina's w30 - let's get this started....


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Ok. I'm starting another W30. I hope to stick to this one more that a couple of days. 

My first W30 was a success. Lasted more than 30 days....then went back to my old habits. I did come to realize that yes, I am sensitive to both gluten and dairy. But when I fell off the wagon i didn't just fall....i rolled down the hill and hit every food bump on the road. :blink:

I want to start fresh. I don't want to be afraid to food. Or what is good vs what's bad. I want a better relationship between my body and food. Today I start fresh. :D

So far, I feel VERY SLEEPY . I feel like my brain is in a fog. Oh well let's go....

M1 - 2 eggs scrambled with 1/2 zucchini, 20oz. water and cup of red grapes. 

M2 - 2 meat patties w/diced onion, s&p, garlic, sweet potato baked fries w/pumpkin spice s&p, watermelon waterloo sparking water. 

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