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Have anyone’s symptoms lasted a week or longer?


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Wrapped up my first Whole30 in October and reintroduced legumes on Oct 31st: peanut butter, hummus and black beans — probably 2T of each.

I thought it would be an easy first re-intro because I didn’t think these foods bothered me... (haaaa) That day I was super bloated, the next day I had small dry, itchy patches on my ear lobes and a couple bumps around my wrist/forearm area which has turned into a rash that has gotten worse and moved to other areas every day since. It is currently covering my ears, arms, neck and most of my face.

It has been 6 days since I reintroduced legumes. I’ve stuck to a Whole30 diet since reintroduction day. I’ve applied tea tree oil with jojoba or coconut oil and Benadryl cream which helps the itching and inflammation but doesn’t make it go away, and taken Benadryl at night which hasn’t lessened the rash. 

Logging my experience since in case anyone searching for something similar can read — and wondering if anyone else has experienced symptoms lasting this long and getting worse everyday. Starting to worry that something else is going on, with terrible timing!






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Reactions could possibly last a few days, but the fact that it's still getting worse makes me think there's probably something else going on here. I'd definitely check in with your doctor -- as @ArtFossil suggested, possibly a dermatologist would be a good idea, but even just your regular doctor can probably help, or refer you to someone else if they can't. 

Have you changed anything else in the last week? New detergent, body wash, shampoo, lotion, air freshener? Or decided to try some new food that is Whole30 compliant, but is new to you? 

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Thanks ladies — this was helpful to help me think through next steps. I have appointments with both my GP and a dermatologist today and tomorrow. It has continued to get worse so I’m anxious to see what’s going on! I’ve thought through anything it could possibly be and I haven’t changed anything from new foods to anything in my environment. So crazy!

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