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INCREASED sensitivity....?!?! Day 29

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Here we go again, I feel like I'm posting on a different topic every day. Once I think I have one thing nailed down, something else comes up. Mods please bear with me here. 

I went on vacation to NYC and I was, as far as I am fully aware (something may have sneaked in, it was really hard to manage every aspect of what I was eating), compliant with everything that I ate. I did, however, have to ingest a LOT of FODMAPs, I just had no choice. And not only did I react to it, but I had what I would consider SEVERE bloating. More than I used to when ingesting FODMAPs before I started the Whole30 or even during the early weeks of my Whole30. I suffer and have suffered from IBS for about 2 years, I did see the light at the end of the tunnel more than a few times before I left on my trip, meaning no bloating after meals, high energy, mental clarity, skin clearing, all the good things. But now I feel like my sensitivities resulting in bloating and some gas (burping) are increasing. 

I was so relieved to come back home, stock up on the foods I had been prepping and enjoying before I left and ready to even further modify in hopes of getting even better results than I'd been having before I left (I was dealing with bloating and some gas and pain before I left). This includes really cutting out FODMAPs for a solid amount of time and cutting out coconut which I'd been consuming a lot of before I left but not during my trip, increasing carbs via increased yam/sweet potato consumption based on a Robb Wolf article for women struggling to adapt to a paleo diet (which I feel has been difficult regarding hormonal changes and general soreness issues, along with the digestive issues of gas and bloating), and diversifying my fat sources. 

After spending an outrageous amount of money yesterday and prepping late into the night I find myself during lunch dealing with some of the worst bloating pain and gas yet. Could it be that I accidentally ingested something off plan during my trip? I am concerned that I am noticing increased rather than decreased sensitivities this late into my program. 

I have already made the decision to extend my Whole30 until I feel good for a solid week, the only exception to that MAY be drinking in two weeks for my friend's 30th birthday. But I want to be specific about what I drink and maintain Whole30 compliant food consumption, and be observant of how I am feeling when I start drinking. 

I have added collagen peptides to my diet (Vital Proteins Standard), as of last night I took one scoop and one scoop this morning... could this be making me bloat? I read that peptides are easily digestible... Here is a list not only of my food consumption today so far but a very typical and standard Whole30 diet for me. I have decided to take digestive enzymes at every meal again, I had stopped after the first week of my program.

Day 1

M1 - Frittata with kale, tomatoes, red peppers 6 eggs total split between two days, 1 piece bacon (I realize this may not be enough fat so I might increase to two tomorrow), 1 scoop peptides in black tea with small amount almond milk

PostWO: small chicken thigh & 3 chunks roasted sweet potato after a 30 min swim (may have put too much time between the WO and the PostWO meal, M2 followed 30-45 mins after)

M2 - canned fish salad: 1 can tuna or salmon, 1/2 cucumber, 4 cherry tomatoes, handful spinach sauteed, 1.5 tbs Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo, juice 1/2 lemon - extreme bloating happened during consumption to the point that I couldn't finish, usually this is an easy meal for me and makes me feel really good

M3 - 5oz Cod, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted carrots, black olives or melted ghee on sweet potatoes for fat 

Day 2

M1 - 3 egg omlette: sauteed red bell pepper & spinach, 2 slices bacon

M2 - another canned fish salad, same ingredients 

M3 - Chicken thighs, roasted sweet potato & sauteed yellow summer squash, black olives

Day 4

M1 - LO frittata, 2 pieces bacon

PostWO: same as before, I'll eat it within 30 mins of WO this time

M2 - LO Chicken thighs, LO roasted carrots and LO summer squash

M3 -Salmon cakes, black olives 

Day 5

M1 - 3 egg omlette: sauteed red bell pepper & spinach, 2 slices bacon

M2 - canned fish salad, same ingredients

M3 - LO Cod & roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, ghee or olives

I just really need help to figure this out. I'm so frustrated to the point of exhaustion and tears some days but I refuse to give up. I refuse to believe that I will suffer from IBS symptoms for the rest of my life and that there is no solution. Do I need to get a nutritionist involved? My only concern here is the cost, I am a grad student on medicaid and don't think nutritionists accept medicaid. What about probiotics? Does anyone suggest this for someone with IBS? 

Thank you so much for your assistance and I apologize for the continuous hand-holding I'm asking for here and for my issues changing on a daily basis it seems like. I so appreciate it. 

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I would suggest that if you were on a trip and weren't sure of what you might be eating AND were eating a lot of known disruptive foods for you, that it is not reasonable to expect that you would be feeling better by one or two days later. It took you nearly 20+ days to get to the point where you'd started to feel better - and unfortunately I think you may have set yourself back due to the trip.  :( 

Take it easy, focus on foods that are easily digestible and that you know don't bother you and try to stop stressing. I know that's hard when you're not feeling well but it's not doing you any favours. Try to take a deep breath, remind yourself that you will get this figured out and that things will improve. You know this because they were improving. Setbacks are frustrating but don't let it rule you.

My thought about the eating out is also that if you weren't able to ask about oils etc, you could have been dosed with soybean oil and that for some causes major pain and bloating (me, for one). 

Also, and sorry in advance, but if I were you I would avoid alcohol until you get back on a solid upward trajectory. 

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@ladyshanny Thanks for the advice. I think this is going back to the whole leaky gut pathway I was going down before. It's just so frustrating. But I will keep trying. I am hoping for a solid week of feeling good next week. This also gives me time to plan my reintroduction process. I just thought if my leaky gut had truly been healed then I would have less sensitivities this far in, not more. I'm in for the long run though if need be. Thanks again. 

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