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Best salad dressing!


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Now, I never follow recipes when cooking (baking is another matter). I'm a, a little of this, a little of that type girl. That being said I will read a bunch of recipes and take ideas from each one and do what I want. 

This recipe https://iheartumami.com/thai-grilled-beef-salad/

was my inspiration for this weeks lunches. I did my own thing with the steak, just s&p with ghee cooked rare so when I heated it up I wouldn't over cook it. For the salad I did some romaine, broccoli slaw, green onion, while onion, banana shallots, watermelon radishes, daikon radishes, mint, cucumber, and orange bell peppers. I honestly thought it was going to be too much spiciness. But I was never so happy to be wrong! 

Now the remarkable part of this is the dressing! I used her recipe as a guide, I pulverized 4 deseeded chili peppers (I don't remember what kind, whatever they had at whole foods that day, serrano's?), and a whole head of garlic in my food processor. I then added a whole bottle of coconut aminos and the neck of my bottle of red boat fish sauce, 4 tablespoons? I just know there was probably half an inch of the fish sauce visible over the label and it was the smaller bottle. I mixed it and squeezed in 2 limes. 

I then put it in my pan I cooked the steak in, I did this right after I pulled the steak so it was still wicked hot and it deglazed the pan getting up all the good bits of the steak. At this point I tasted and added a splash of rice wine vinegar for some acid. Once it had incorporated and simmered for just over a minute I took it off and poured it into my aminos bottle and a few smaller containers for traveling. At this point I squeezed a little lime juice in each container, a whole one in the bottle. 

I'll tell you what. I would use this dressing every day. I think I also sprinkled in some chili pepper flakes while it simmered if I remember properly. 

Moral of the story, check out this recipe and do what you want with it, just taste as you go and you cannot go wrong. Be confident yet cautious in the adding of more fish sauce or aminos as you go.

Sprinkle, stir, taste.

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