Catherine Diaz

Day 11 - Hardest day

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Good day! I am on day 11 today (first Whole 30) and I understand why this is marked as the hardest day.

For me, the food was not really a challenge so far, I enjoy all the amazing recipe that the books have to offer. I love having a fridge full of fresh ingredients to pick from everyday, and I LOVE having a clean pantry! What I find hard, beside missing my glass of red wine at dinner, is the lack of sleeping, the hangover feeling, and my bad performance through my workouts.

The first few days, I felt pumped and energize as soon as I would open my eyes, before the alarm went off. But since day 7, I spend my whole nights turning, I can't get out of bed in the morning, I wake up cranky, with a headache. The 5km I used to breeze through and enjoy in the morning now feels like I weight a 1000 kilos. And lifting as heavy as I am used to is not really possible either. I can't wait for the tiger blood that, according to my calendar, should be just around the corner! 

Tell me it is coming! :-) 

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It's pretty normal for workouts to suffer the first couple of weeks as your body adjusts to this way of eating. 

As for sleeping, probably it will resolve itself, but it's not a bad idea to make sure you're practicing good sleep hygiene (more on this here: It can be helpful to make sure you're having a serving of starchy vegetable with your final meal of the day. Magnesium supplements or epsom salt baths/foot soaks may help as well, some people find that it does, a few people find it has the opposite effect, and if you opt for supplements, don't start with a full dose the first day, work up to it, as magnesium can have a laxative effect in some people. There are a few more tips in this article as well:

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