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Day 15... My Half Way Day :)


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I'm standing on the peak today and starting to head downhill tomorrow :) I'm doing great and feeling great... sleeping better than I have in a long time without any sleep aids. I had a rough start with some allergy and eczema issues that took a while to clear. I figured out that in addition to latex, I also have an egg intolerance. Since cutting eggs out at day 5, I haven't been itching nearly as much and the rash I had is slowly going away. I'm also waiting on results of a food intolerance test to see what else might be triggering my rash.

Anyway, loving how I feel doing Whole 30 and I haven't had any trouble going to happy hours or parties and just drinking club soda with lime. I love how well I've been sleeping and not feeling like I have to drag myself to my treadmill in the morning. I'm looking forward to finishing out the next two weeks then reintroducing things and finally figuring out the foods that don't agree with me :)

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