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Is it normal to not feel hungry and have to force myself to eat?


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I am on day 20 of my first Whole30.  I am very happy with my results so far.  I had crazy energy the first week, then was a zombie for the second week, now somewhere between, lol!  I was fairly heavy to start with, 225 pounds.  I haven't weighed myself but I have gone down at least 1 pant size and do have more energy than before starting Whole30.  My question is - is it normal to not be hungry, ever?  I have been following the template for all 3 meals.  The first 2 weeks were great, I loved being able to eat so much!  Now this week, I am having to force myself to eat.  I normally go about 4-5 hours between meals.  I don't think I should be going much longer than that, but I'm never hungry by the next meal.  Honestly, if someone sat a burger and fries and chocolate shake in front of me I wouldn't eat it (which is a VERY new feeling for me!).  Should I continue to force myself to eat?  Here are my meals for the last few days.

Meal 1:  Turkey sausage (3), 3 fried eggs in coconut oil, sauteed mushrooms, kale and onions with crispy potatoes.  Coconut flakes on the side.

Meal 2:  Very large salad with 1/2 avocado, 3 servings chicken, olive oil/vinegar for dressing.  Cashews with 1/2 apple.

Meal 3:  2 bowls of chicken soup (tons of veggies and 2 portions chicken total).  Homemade salsa with 1/2 avocado. 

The second day was almost identical.  I do batch cooking and for 2-3 days I basically eat the same things. 

Any info would be appreciated!  Thanks.

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It's quite possible you're overeating a bit. Three eggs and three sausages is quite a bit. 3 servings of chicken as well may be a bit too much. If you're not hungry, try scaling back a bit so you get to where you're ready to eat again at 4-5 hours.

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