Day 13 mistakes: start over?

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I've been doing well the last two weeks,  no major mistakes,  I think.  I feel like I'm finally past the headache part, feeling better overall.  Yesterday I had a really stressful and emotional day,  and all my leftovers were gone.  I quickly cooked some chicken sausage. Spinach,tomatoes and onion.  I threw in some of my pumpkin bites (puree, almond flower, baking powder, eggs). 

So yes I didn't completely go off the rails,  but I did eat some of the compliant chips which i shouldn't have. I didn't eat them all. But. I knew I wasn't supposed to and I keep beating myself up and feel like I need to start all over.  


Hey at least I didn't drink wine and eat a burger!

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That's really up to you around starting over. Keeping the rules strong through the 30 days is often an emotional and mental battle and if changing your relationship with food is something you're after, you may want to consider doing a "post mortem" on that decision and see if you need to reset your commitment to yourself.

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