Bummer,, messed up the reintroduction

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I didn't log correctly or reintroduce correctly. YEAH chronic pain returned. Do I start over or can I do a reset? Like ,,, do I reset until the pain goes away again and try to reintroduce and log my poisons better so I know what brought it back on. Stupid Holidays, Stupid me!

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First, this doesn't make you stupid and it's really counterproductive to speak to yourself like that... give yourself some love!

Second, it depends on how far off the rails you went and for how many days... if it was a couple days since you ended your Whole30 and you did a little stumble at thanksgiving dinner, then maybe going back to Whole30 until you feel as good as you did at the end of your program is enough.  If you've been riding off the rails for some time, or you really did a twister into every inflammatory food you could find, maybe a full W30 again would be in your best interest.  it's really up to you - you want a clean and healed gut to do the reintros so you know what bothers you and what doesn't... me saying go back on it for 3 or 6 days is great and all but you really need to make the call as to where you went and where you want to go from here.

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