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WooHoo, I Finished Yesterday :)


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Today is day 31 for me and I am planning to have some agave tequila later today :) I did great for my 30 days, even hosted Thanksgiving without fail. You should have seen the look on my mother's face when I told her I was making the mashed potatoes with coconut milk, ghee, and chicken broth, LOL. But in the end, everyone loved them and either said they couldn't tell the difference or they liked them better!

One of the main reasons I started Whole 30 was some reactions I was having to SOMETHING (still not completely clear) that was giving me painful itching eczema. That is mostly gone. I also did a hair strand food intolerance test and found some surprising (and disappointing) things. Kale, Spinach, Cauliflower, Pineapple and even Coconut were on my list of intolerances, coconut being one of the lesser ones. Since I quit eating kale and spinach my rash has started disappearing. So we shall see.

I know December is going to be a tough month to stay on track but I used to be a very strict low carb/Paleo eater so I'll do my best around parties and whatnot and I'm already thinking I'll kick start the new year with another round.

Good luck to all those just getting started. I found that the more days I put behind me, the more empowering it became to refuse alcohol, sweets, or carbs. I even managed a few happy hours with club soda and lime.

So a cheerful Salud! to all, I will raise my shot glass to you tonight :)


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