Hi. Day 20 and feeling like a hot mess...

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I have to say starting the diet was amazing, felt awesome..light on my feet and life was like a red bull ad.

Now on day 20, been feeling like a hot mess, slow..lazy...and with what feels like a golf ball in my lower belly.

Keeping up beat and did want to first introduce myself, I think I wrote this post in reverse.


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Hi, @Andre, sorry you're not feeling great right now. It's definitely not normal to be feeling worse 2/3 of the way through your Whole30 than you did at the beginning. If you give us a day or two of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes, we may notice something that you could change to help.

In general, things that may result in feeling more tired could include not eating enough, not eating the right mix of things (check out the meal template here:, not drinking enough water, or not salting your food. It's also always possible this isn't food related -- it could be something like stress, not sleeping well, illness, or a new medication, if any of those seem possible. 

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