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Meal planning on the go


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So for my job (only 3 days a week) I am driving/seeing patients at their homes. 

I need ideas for how to pack a lunch I won’t have to reheat, one that fits the meal plan and will sustain me. 

I’m thinking homemade guacamole, fruits/veggies of course, any suggestions on protein? I don’t enjoy seafood and I can’t imagine I’d enjoy eating cold chicken breast. 

Thank you!!

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Personally, I don't mind cold chicken, so you could try it. I often don't reheat chicken if I'm putting it a salad or just having it as finger food with a bunch of vegetables.  I also eat egg casserole/frittata cold too. 

Hard boiled eggs, or deviled eggs, or egg salad could work too. Scotch eggs. Meatballs are okay cold. A lot of this is down to what you are okay with eating cold. You may have to try things that you normally eat hot and see how it goes. 

You could invest in a thermos or insulated dish to keep foods warm. I've even seen some that plug in to your car to keep things warm -- they won't warm it up, but if you put it in warm, it'll help hold the temperature.

Some of the ideas here may help too:   http://meljoulwan.com/2014/06/25/great-ingredients-recipe-required/

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