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Last time I did Whole30, I had some issues with dairy.  I didn't give it up completely afterward, but am eating significantly less now, though the issues have mostly subsided.

I'm doing W30 again in January and planning a multi-step Dairy reintro.  First trying grass fed/organic products, wait a few days, then lactose free products, wait a few days, then "standard" dairy.  

My question is, is there dairy that's naturally lactose free/super low?  Other than stuff branded Lactaid?

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Yogurt has less lactose than milk, and certain cheeses tend to be low in lactose as well, typically harder or aged cheeses like parmesan or blue.

Try googling something like lactose comparison chart, or compare lactose in different foods -- there are sites out there that have comparison charts that show percentages of lactose in different products. Obviously, these are averages, and different brands will differ slightly, but it would give you a starting point.

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