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Day 27: To Reintro or go AIP?

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I'm on Day 27 and unfortunately am not feeling as good as i was last week. I thought the Tiger's Blood was coming, i had some consistent energy, minimal cravings and my congestion and eczema were seemingly subsiding. Somewhere around the end of week 3 the eczema flared up with vengeance and has spread to places ive never had it before. i am BEYOND frustrated as one of the main reasons I started a Whole 30 was to hopefully relieve or diminish the eczema. (I typically see flare up seasonally, during the cold dry winter months. however this year it began late summer and has not stopped). I am also much more tired than i was last week (although poor sleep may be to blame as my toddler has had some inconsistencies in her sleep schedule) andddd I'm having some issues with constipation. I took some magnesium after several days without a BM and that helped a bit but I still feel like something is off.

anywho... with that laundry list, but eczema being the primary target, what do i do from here? Ive seen several threads referencing an AIP program helping with the elimination and control of eczema. I thought dairy or gluten was my culprit, but after 27 days without it and it getting worse.... im starting to think its something else. whats the best plan of action.... should i reintroduce on the normal schedule and see what happens? Then decide on maybe doing an AIP week or 2 to see if that helps with the eczema?? Should i test out AIP first then do reintros of EVERYTHING after that is over?  Im SOOO sick of itching and the redness/dry/flaking is now migrating to visible places :(  its diminishing the NSVs i do have!

aside from dietary solutions.. anyone have any supplements or other recommendations for reducing eczema flares? aside from the obvious hydrocortisone cream


Since i know you will ask.... a few sample days. I was able to go without snacks for quite a few days in the first and 2nd week but was having to go longer between meals due to scheduling the past week resulting in some snacking. 


Day 23:

B: 3 eggs, 1 strip bacon, 1/2 sweet potato, handful of kale, pico de gallo

medium coffee with Nutpods creamer

L: Mexican steak salad: steak, lettuce, pico, pineapple sales, guacamole

D: Shredded Chicken, 1/2 bag coleslaw mix, sliced almonds, greek vinegarette (homemade)

Snack: RX Bar and Tuna Salad

Day 25:

B: Leftover Zoodles & chicken Pad Thai over bed of spinach and 2 hard boiled eggs

medium coffee with Nutpods creamer

L: Fajita Chicken Salad over coleslaw mix with 1/4 cup guac

D: Pork Jalapeno burger w/ compliant BBQ, roasted broccoli w/ ghee

S: Beef Thins

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