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Started on Dec 5. So far so good!!


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On 12/8/2018 at 8:06 PM, Katysmiles said:

I started this lifestyle on dec 5. So far i have done really great, hoping a possible sugar tooth doesnt cause me problems. But im determined to make it as my body, mind and spirit needs to get healthy again! 

Eliminating sugar cravings is one of the main desires of most people. Our recommendations to assist are to make sure that you are not using sweets in any form (ie, fruits alone, carby nuts like cashews etc) to satisfy the cravings. If you can't just power through, eat something like protein and fat (ie, some chicken and avocado etc) or something the opposite of sugar like a good, briney handful of olives.

Make sure you're eating enough overall and drinking adequate water. Remember that lack of sleep will also influence the intensity and timing of sugar cravings so if you're tired and you can, just go to bed!

We're here if you need us, just reach out! :)

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