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Hi all,

I'm struggling to get enough fat in my diet, especially for breakfast (I don't love avocados or olives), and I think that may be partly why I'm so tired all the time (Day 16). This morning I cooked my eggs in a tbsp of ghee; I know the oil you cook with doesn't count, but how about in this case when I'm the only one eating it? I also added a little coconut milk to my tea. 


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Did you actually eat the ghee you cooked with, or did it stay in the pan -- if you scrambled your eggs, you probably did eat most of it because it mostly seems to soak into the eggs rather than just staying in the pan, but when you fry eggs they don't always soak up the oil they're cooked in, so unless you make a point of pouring it over your food before you eat, you probably won't eat it.

To add more fat, you could make up a sauce to add over your food. Google whole30 pesto or whole30 hollandaise or whole30 bearnaise or whole30 chimichurri -- any of those should be good with eggs, or you could put them on the vegetables you're eating with your eggs. 



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