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Looking for a accountability partner


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Hey guys,

I recently attempted the whole 30 and got off track around day 7 :( This is definitely something I want to do for myself. Before I start again, I would like to find an accountability partner. Anyone looking to exchange numbers and start the program with me? We can encourage each other. It's always easier to do something like this when you have someone to go through it with you.

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There will be a ton of people starting in January. I'd suggest looking around the forum and finding some people also starting the same time you want to and being active on one or more of the discussions here in the forum as another form of accountability/support. Hopefully someone will also take you up on the one-on-one support as well, but the forum is a great way to have a whole group of people experiencing many of the same things you are as you go through your 30 days. 

You might want to consider why you got off track as well, and come up with a plan to keep that from happening again -- sit down and write out what you'll do this time if that situation comes up so you know exactly what to do before you're actually in the situation.

You might also be interested in daily motivational texts from Melissa herself: https://www.nudgetext.com/whole30?utm_source=blog -- these are a new service just for the January Whole30 (so they won't start until January 1). Each day you'll get a text geared to what to expect on that day based on years of feedback from other Whole30ers. 


(And more about getting ready for a January Whole30, if you want more tips:  https://whole30.com/2018/12/january-2019/)

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