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I'm starting my Whole30 on new year's eve.  I don't have any plans to go out and I like to start new things on a Monday.  This will be my second time attempting a Whole30.  The first time, I had a family medical emergency in week 3.  I was starting to feel better when things went crazy so I made the decision to stop and try again in the new year.  I couldn't figure out how to follow Whole30 rules while eating most of my meals in a hospital cafeteria.   Too many unknowns.  I'm looking forward to making it all the way through this time.  I'm stocking up on Whole30 staples and getting rid of noncompliant food items.  I've been through the Whole30 book and picked out possible meals.  Luckily I like to cook.  I'm still considering what NSV I want to track.  In my first attempt I didn't notice any positive changes until week 3 when I realized I wasn't tired in the afternoon anymore and my pants were fitting better.  I'm confident I can get through the 30 days as long as I can stay home and have control over my food preparation.  I don't know how people can do this if they need to eat out.  Sugar or dairy seem to be in everything.

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