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Second w30! Starting 1/7


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Hey there! Starting my 2nd round of whole30 on Jan 7th. I'm in NJ for the holidays- and will be returning back to CO on the 2nd. Giving myself the weekend to prep and meal plan. Anyone else not starting on that traditional Jan 1st date? I previously did whole30 in the summer. My only problems were that I 100% did not eat enough- especially for how active I am. I even did a half marathon during it. No halves during this one- but I do have one mid Feb and then a full in May.

Goals this time around:

1. MORE FOOD. I was constantly sooooo hungry last round. I never deprived myself but just felt I was constantly eating/snacking bc I was never satisfied.

2. Avoid major binge post w30!! I had a whole reintro plan that went down the tube the next day. I had one 'bad' thing (I think it was popcorn at my bf's if I can remember lol) and then it all went downhill. 


Not sure if I need the strict reintro- I pretty much know what bothers me at this point ( dairy, artificial sweeteners, basically anything with a whole bunch of fake ingredients, oatmeal..) but definitely don't want to overdo it completely after a good 30 days.

Good luck to everyone!! We can do this :)


OH and feel free to follow along on my fitness account to see my journey- would love to connect + follow y'all! @_kirafit9

^^^ PS. for anyone needing recipe ideas/meals/grocery hauls etc- Check out my "whole 30" highlight on my account for Inspo!


-Kira :)

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Great to hear @_kiragreer! I highly recommend following the meal template to get your meal sizes big enough to satisfy you so that you don't too hungry between meals :) ...if your only source of protein in the meal is eggs, then eat as many as you can hold (typically 3-4) ;) Check out the link here: https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

Despite knowing what might cause you issues, I always recommend that people do the Fast Track reintro at least once (especially if it's their 1st full reintro). This gives you concrete evidence to work with and also gives you some space between your Whole30 and Food Freedom, minimizing the risk of a binge post Whole30 :) Here's a sample schedule for the reintro: https://whole30.com/step-two-finished/

Good luck, you got this! 



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