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@Jim Baunach You're right that there isn't really a limit on portions or fat consumption. But the meal template is a great resource to serve as a guideline for portioning. It's not a rule to follow the meal template, but it is a recommendation and I've found it to be highly useful. You can find it here:

Basically, you should fill your plate with 1-2 palm-size servings of meat, the rest of your plate with vegetables (1-3 cups) and a serving or two of plated fat (which varies depending on the fat source). That'll give you the very best results! 

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1 hour ago, Jim Baunach said:

I'm confused.  If it is recommended to follow the meal template, why isn't it just made a rule?  Portioning is not a rule.

Portioning is not a rule because portioning is a very individual thing.  The recommendations are based on lots of people having done Whole30s and what has been the most effective. 

Dude, you're also telling a moderator they're wrong. Just don't. There is no Rule limiting fruit intake, but there are Recommendations. Based on what has been observed to work best for most people. Most people are addicted to sugar and their body isn't going to care if the sugar comes from cherries or chocolate when it's having a craving. Best way to crush the sugar addiction is to cut out the sugar, wherever it comes from. Hence recommending less fruit. 

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