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My Whole30 Log


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Hey there,

This is my first w30 journey. I've attempted many other programs, only to fail miserably - time and time again. So much so, that I'm actually nervous about starting this journey - as I just don't trust myself to see it through.

Too many starts, not enough finishes. 

The exciting news and bright shining (not glimmer) of hope - is that the The Whole 30 Book, and Day by Day guide - especially the NSV's and focusing on the things I can eat rather than the things I can't eat, have all resonated with me deeply, and make this journey easy to understand and doable in my mind.

My goals:

I want to lose weight, but that is not going to be my focus for this journey. This journey is about:

- Regaining trust in myself

- Feeling vibrant and alive

- Gaining mental clarity - losing the fog

- Remembering what it feels like to have a flatter stomach, and actually having a flatter stomach

- Becoming less stressed

- Fewer carb cravings 

- Gaining more energy to do more physical activities - and less work (which I think I use as a crutch so that I don't have to be physical...hmmmm)

I'm looking forward to reframing my relationship with food, and recapturing my vitality! 

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Day 1  - December 26

Meal 1: 3 whole scrambled eggs in Ghee, 1 small apple, a few walnuts

Meal 2: Whole30 Shepherd's Pie

Snack: 12 Almonds + 3 pieces of dried Mango (Unsweetened)

Meal 3: BBQ'd Steak (seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Garlic powder, and Onion Powder), Arugula salad with Strawberries, pear, cucumber + O&V dressing

Snack: 1/2 Banana + 2/3 tsp Almond Butter

Thoughts/Reflection: I didn't have my first meal until noon today, I was running around taking care of a number of errands and time got away from me. I was really hungry by the time I got to Meal 1. Meal 2 was only a couple hours later. My meals weren't particularly large for me (based on what I usually eat), but they did satisfy me. I feel like the added fats really make a difference. When I ate the W30 Sheperds pie - the clarified butter really made a difference. I followed the recipe from the whole 30 cookbook - and it says 2 servings plus leftovers - I think I will get about 6 servings from the recipe. The plan is to eat it for dinner or lunch for the next few days.

My energy was okay - I thought being on holidays would be a good idea to enable me to focus on the whole 30 program...but not having structure to my day may have actually made it a bit harder. Tomorrow I plan to add some structure, so that I am not constantly focused on my next meal!

I have lunch and dinner prepped for the next 2 days, and I plan to make the Sweet potato breakfast bowl for breakfast tomorrow. 

Water...I definitely didn't drink enough water today. 32oz only! 

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Day 2
Meal 1 - Sweet potato bowl (Sweet potato, banana, 1/2 tsp raisins, 2 strawberries, 1 tsp ghee, 1/2 tsp coconut flakes, home made almond milk) - I only ate half a serving, as I felt full.
Meal 2 - 2 oz steak,  remaining sweet potato bowl
Meal 3 - 5oz Steak, small apple
When I read Day 2 of the W30 Day/Day guide the day before, I thought the book was overstating how I would feel. After all, it was only day 2?!? Boy was I wrong...and were they right. I was exhauted. EXHAUSTED. 
When I went to bed last night, I was tired, but restless...normally, I have a heavier carb dinner (Pizza, Pasta etc...), some Frito's on the sofa while watching TV, then i get in to bed - watch a little more tv and fall asleep with the TV on. Sound a sleep usually (likely a carb coma). Last night, I was WIRED. I did not fall asleep until after 1am. I woke up at about 8:30am (which is late for me, I'm usually up at 6am, after multiple snoozes of course).
On another note, I had to pee so many times last night. I didn't drink very much water the day before, but I was up and at it multiple times. I can only surmise that some of the water retention related to my poor dietary habits was undoing a bit. This is a positive!
Because of my inactivity today, I didn't eat my Shepherds pie leftover, as it felt a little too calorie dense...instead I had a really small apple (think...size of a plum), and 5oz steak.
Tomorrow's plan is to get up early, and not think about working out, just get up and do it. I definitely need some more activity today! 
Today's extra credit win - Besides planing my meals in advance, I made home made Almond milk, and it was AHmazing
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Day 3
Meal 1 - Scrambled eggs, with 1/2 tsp Ghee, Chia seed breakfast bowl (3 tbsp chia seads, home made almond milk, 1/2 mashed banana, cinnamon, salt)
Meal 2 - w30 Shepherd pie
Snack: 12 Almonds, 3 pieces dried Mango
Meal 3 - w30 Shepherd pie, and sautéed Kale in EVOO, and Garlic
Let's start with the positive...I definitely feel like my water retention and bloating is reducing. My stomach is already feeling flatter. My skin doesn't look as ashy as well. Yay!
On to the not so positive....
Last night my sleep was terrible. My lymph nodes swelled up, my back was hurting, and my body was aching. A combination of slowing down after the mad rush just before Xmas, and starting the new program may have taken its toll on me (causation vs corellation???). My neck was so sore, that the skin hurt to touch. I woke up at 3:30am in pain, and couldn't get comfortable. I fell back asleep for a couple of hours, and when I woke up I debated just staying in bed, and pouting :o
Instead, I got up and walked to the gym, did about 40 mins of weights and cardio. And it made a world of difference. I drank a ton of water, and by 2pm I felt a LOT better. My swelling went down on my neck, and my energy perked up. 
No cravings today, but my calories were higher. I'm going to get through my first week, and then start to tighten up the calories. 
Oh yeah almost forgot....I have an incredible husband...he just booked me on a surprise trip to Hawaii, leaving Jan 3rd. I'm super excited, but timing isn't great. I plan to stick to the Whole 30 program while I'm there. I've been doing some research, and have already planned a quick shopping trip when I land at the nearby Whole Foods.
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Day 4
Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs in Ghee, 3 strawberries, and chia pudding (3 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, home made almond milk)
Meal 2 - w30 Shepherds pie
Meal 3 - Baked Kale with coconut oil, 5 oz Steak, Roasted Butternut squash (olive oil & ghee)
Great day today! My energy was good, my cravings were under control, and I had a really productive day.
I got an hour workout in - cardio and weights, and felt pretty good.
I know the Day by day guide says I might want to Kill all things and eat all things...but that didn't happen. Yay!
I didn't snack today either.  
I prepped my meals for tomorrow. I'm still feeling like my meals may be too calorie dense. I'm going to keep an eye on this, and look for ways to lighten it up next week.
Looking forward to Day 5!
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Day 5


Meal 1 - 3 eggs fried in Ghee, Chia pudding with home made almond milk, cinnamon, 1/2 banana
Meal 2 - w30 shepherds pie + large arugula salad with pears, cucumber, strawberries, tsp walnuts and O&V
Snack - 15 almonds + 5 pieces of dried mango
Meal 3 - Sweet potato bowl - 1/2 SP, 1/2 banana, home made almond milk, raisins, tbsp almond butter, coconut flakes.
Something funny is going on with my sleeping! I am completely wired at night. I have never had a problem with sleep in the past, but I do now. I'm so happy that I decided to embark on this while I am on vacation and don't have to go to work in the morning. I don't know if I would be able to stick to it. I did some reading on the forum and it looks like this may be a common occurrence. With that said...I'm going to heed the advice and review my sleep hygiene and add some magnesium to my routine.
The day by day guide today was a bit of a mixed bag..yesterday (Day 4) indicated that I might want to Kill and Eat everything. I didn't and kind of smiled thinking I got past that hurdle...boy was I wrong. That smug smile left my face pretty darn fast. At about 3pm today, if my arm wasn't bolted on....I might have eaten it. 
Melissa's motivation tip was timely - she said don't worry about the "Perfect W30" focus on following the rules 100% - recognizing that your plate template may not always be picture perfect. That was helpful to hear today!
When my EATT kicked in, I had 500ml of water...still felt a bit anxious and hungry, then I had 15 almonds and some dried mango - about 6 pieces. More than usual. My stomach didn't feel to good. I waited an hour, and discovered I was still hungry. I didn't have the protein, but I had a sweet potato bowl. I wanted something filling. 
Checking this one off, and hoping for a great tomorrow!
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Day 6 & 7
Day 6 - NYE
Meal 1 - w30 Shepherds pie
Meal 2 - handful of Cashews
Yesterday was a travel day returning from the US. I packed my Shepherds pie and brought it with me on the flight. As soon as I got home, the family was ready and waiting! And it was NYE festivities/prep work that took priority.
The bad news...I didn't eat nearly enough Today. The good news...I didn't go off plan, or cheat with any of the NYE food and drink.
Day 7
Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs cooked in Ghee, 1/2 banana, Small avocado
Meal 2 - handful of cashews + 1/2 banana
Meal 3 - Butternut Squash with ground chicken, Ghee, carrots, celery, and onions
Today was a return to reality. After being away on a solo trip for a week, and being able to kick off my w30 journey without any other responsibilities or distractions - I didn't realize how good I had it. Now that I'm back and everyone is asking me if they can have some of the meals that I've prepped, which puts me a bit behind, its a bit overwhelming. I feel a bit selfish, but I need to do this for myself, and they don't want to do the w30 now - they just want whatever is available to eat. (I should mention my son is 24 and lives in the city, but is home a lot, with his friends...which I love, its just a bit overwhelming right now). I didn't sleep well last night for obvious reasons, I'm hoping tonight is a good night. I'm going to try a natural calm magnesium supplement and see if it helps.
In terms of how I'm feeling...I don't have any cravings, I don't really feel hungry, and I definitely feel the positive changes in my body happening. 
Tomorrow's plan is to complete a great 60 minute workout and cardio session, follow my meals that I have planned...and gear up for Hawaii. I leave on Thursday...and I'm nervous. I have a stopover in LAX. I'll spend the night, then I'll head out to Maui. Total flight time is ~ 12 hours!  I'm going to load up on boiled eggs, Salad, fruits, and almonds.
Happy New Year!
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Day 8 & 9
Meal 1 - Butternut squash, ground chicken, with mixed vegetables + 1/2 banana
Snack - handful of Cashews, 1/2 banana
Meal 3 - 4oz steak, butternut squash 
No cravings, but didn't eat all 3 meals. One was a snack...was running around before I leave for Maui on Thursday.

Day 9
Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs in ghee, 1/2 banana, avocado
Meal 2 - (at the airport) - grilled steak (salt and pepper only) and garden salad with olive oil
Snack (in flight to Lax - over night stop) - handful of Almonds + fresh fruit
I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the airport that the restaurant (Hearth) was so accomodating. When I asked for a dry grilled steak with only salt and pepper, and a garden salad with o&v on the side, there were zero issues - and they got it exactly right. I was a little worried, that "airport food" would be an issue. But what has become apparent to me - now that I'm looking - is that there are actually a large number of healthy food, whole30 compliant snacks, and options available at airports nowadays. In other words...I have no excuse to not make healthy choices. Travel is not an excuse.
To prep for my trip - I bought a few Whole30 compliant bars - just in case. When I land in Maui I'll stop at Whole Foods, pick up a case of water, some veggie sticks, and some almond butter. I'll wait to stock up until I actually check in to my hotel, to see whats available nearby. The whole foods is located almost an hour from my hotel in West Maui.
Sleep...a quick update on my sleeping. I tried the Natural Calm - unflavoured Magnesium supplement that is Whole30 compliant - the first night was magical - wow. I fell asleep and stayed asleep all night. It was the most restful night that I've had since starting the Whole30.
Note: Side effects - it does have a laxative effect. The second night is when I really discovered that.
Overall, I am really finding the whole30 program so refreshing and inspiring. I had given up hope on the myriad of diets that I had tried and failed. Whole30 is different. I am redefining my relationship with food, and it is refreshing, and is giving me so much hope for the future.
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Day 10 
Meal 1 - Healthy Earth Paleo friendly meal that I got at LAX - 2 boiled eggs, carrot and celery sticks, blueberries and strawberries, and a Justin's Classic Almond butter package. + Banana
Meal 2 - 2 eggs, 1/2 c strawberries and blueberries + banana
Meal 3 - Burger patty, Fried egg, Avocado over a green salad with Oliver oil and vinegar
Today was a travel day...aloha! I'm in Maui, and after 2 days of travel, I was just exhausted. 
When I landed I stopped at Whole foods, picked up some water, fruit...but surprisingly they didn't have any Almond butter :o
I am pleasantly surprised that the restaurant at the Westin has a healthy menu and they are very willing to accomodate. As well, Leilani's on the beach - will make fresh grilled fish, and steamed veggies for me. Lots of great options!
One note...when I walked in to the resort, with the cascading waterfalls in the lobby, a warm welcome with a lei - and the sounds of tropical music...I instinctively thought "oh I'll start again next week" - these thoughts were almost reflexive. They actually scared me, because they reminded me of how all of my trips have gone in the past...I would diet to try to lose a few pounds, tell myself I'm going to stick to it on vacation, and then the first day on vacay, all my resolve was out the window and I would eat and eat...and feel like a failure. NOT. THIS. TIME.
My first full day will be tomorrow...it will be great. My focus is on experiences, and not indulging in food.
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Day 11
Meal 1- 3 fried eggs, salad with olive oil, and fruit
Meal 2 - hamburger, with fried egg, avocado, and salad with olive oil 
Snack- almonds  + fresh coconut, papaya
Meal 3- 6 steamed shrimp with lemon
Great day at the pool. Sparkling water is more expensive than alcohol! Crazy.
Good workout today, and it was easy to find healthy options. I was just a bit lazy for meal 3. 
I focused on sight seeing, exploring, and did some reading. Pretty relaxing day!



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Day 12
Meal 1 - grilled mahi mahi, garden salad, O&V + 6 almonds
Meal 2 - Steamed shrimp + mango
Meal 3 - Acai Bowl (Acai, banana, almond butter, strawberries, coconut flakes, unsweetened macadamia nut milk)
Day 2 in paradise, and I had the most amazing fresh grilled mahi that I've ever tasted. I have been worried that my resolve would falter if faced with a ton of great non-compliant foods. But the reality is. The abundance of fresh, whole food is making this so enjoyable. 
This morning I had an awesome workout - 20 min hiit spin , and 20 min weights. My energy was good! Then I went on an amazing whale sighting tour on a catamaran. The served mimosas, and breakfast sandwiches on croissants... They smelled really good, but I wasn't tempted.
Note: I can feel the early beginnings of PMS. This worries me, because my usual cycle is that I lose my appetite, I'm motivated to workout... And then 48 hours before...i lose all motivation, and willpower and want volumes of food. I'm paying close attention so that I don't undo all of my efforts over the last 11 days.
Note: For the record - the Acai bowl was compliant, and I know its not recommended. But it looked so good...I had to have one! 


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Day 13
Meal 1- 3 eggs, fruits and green salad, + O&V
Meal 2 - Epic bar + 10 Almonds
Meal 3- Grilled tuna + Green salad with olive oil, Acai bowl - banana's, almond butter, coconut flakes, strawberries, Almonds (I was hungry!) 
I went on a road trip today around Maui and didn't want to eat any of the food at the rest stops...instead, I ate one of the Epic bars that I brought with me, and some Almonds. I didn't feel good about eating the Epic bar. It felt like I was eating processed foods, which made me feel...uhm....icky?! (Best way to describe it). It held me over, and did its job I suppose...but, I am definitely not going to rely on them as an ongoing meal/snack option - only an emergency option. 
My last log...I mentioned that I felt the beginnings of PMS, and that its usually a week before when I start to feel that way...well Mother Nature struck the next day. Normally...I am well aware, almost a week in advance, because my cravings are out of control, and my motivation tanks. This time around, the signs appeared, and because I'm used to feeling them a week in advance, I was completely caught off guard when she showed up the very next day. This is a good thing! Because I skipped the whole - eat everything, in HUGE volumes, at all hours phase. Its too early to know if the W30 was just a correlation or causation. But, its a win none the less...and I'll take it.


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Day 14
Meal 1 - 3 Eggs, Fruit, Salad greens, Olive oil
Meal 2 - Mahi Mahi lettuce wraps and green salad
Meal 3 - Grilled Lobster, clarified butter, steamed vegetables
My energy wasn't great today, so I skipped the workout and opted for an hour long walk along the beach. I should mention...that I haven't fully flipped over from a time zone perspective...I am awake at 3am almost every day. I go to bed early - 8pm - as I don't want to be too far off and mess with my sleeping when I get back home on Saturday.
My meals were all really fulfilling today - I actually wasn't hungry when my 3rd meal rolled around, but I had reservations made, and just decided to go. It was awesome...but I wasn't overly hungry.
Reflecting on all of my logs since I've been in Maui...I have not had any starchy carbs at all - it just dawned on me today. I haven't missed them at all. And considering my energy is still good, I'm not overly concerned.





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Day 15
Meal 1 - Burger with fried egg, avocado, slice of grilled pineapple and green salad - with O&V
Snack- handful of almonds, Nomz energy bites (Half package) - no added sugars, all natural organic ingredients
Meal 3- Steak and steam asparagus and carrots
This morning I woke up and didn't feel hungry. This is pretty typical when Mother Nature visits. I ate my first meal at noon- and felt full halfway through. I wasn't really hungry after that, so instead of a meal - I had a few almonds and half a Nomz energy bite (all natural organic ingredients, W30 compliant).
My appetite changed for dinner....I was hungry. I had a big steak, huge steak and veggies....
I don't have any cravings which is positive. My energy is just "meh" - not low, not high.
I think I'm getting nervous about going back to reality - work, prep, responsibilities :)
I guess Vacay can't last forever! 



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Day 16 - 18

After 2 days of travel, and post vacation reality setting in...I've slacked on submitting my entries.

I've remained compliant for all meals. I've relied on fruits and nuts a little more over the last couple of days simply because I was traveling, and they were the healthiest compliant options that I could find. 

I'm a bit jet lagged from the time difference...but, I have good energy, and no fogginess.

NSV/Revelation...On the first leg of my flight to LAX on Thursday, I sat next to a lady that was eating processed foods from the time she sat down to the time we landed. It started with snacking crackers...before we took off, she had slumped in her chair, and her head was bobbing because she fell asleep. She woke up, and our meals were being served (I didn't have the meals - I stuck to an epic bar, and a banana) and 20 mins after the pasta meal, baked cookie and ice cream, she was sleeping again. She woke up for the basket of chips and chocolate that was being offered, she took one of each - ate both, and then snoozed again about 40 mins after that.


I always attributed my dozing off as soon as I got on a flight... to thats just how my body responded to flying...I'm  convinced that is not the case. With my whole food choices...I did not feel the need to sleep, in fact I read my book (which normally helps me fall asleep). But, I read for 3 hours, then watched a movie, and was full of energy at the end of the flight.

Today I'll prep my meals for next week. And get ready for returning to reality!



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