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Striving for Success_My Whole30 Log


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My weight and I have been at odds my entire life. I go through constant fluctuation. At my worst, I gained 30lbs... Although that was many years ago, I still am in a constant roller coaster of gaining 10 pounds, losing 10 pounds, and repeat. To put it mildly, I feel as if I have been through every "diet" known to man. What I truly wanted was a sustainable lifestyle change.  I then came across Whole30 and began doing extensive research. Success story after success story, I realized that this change may be just what I have been searching for all along.

I have set my start date to Jan 1. Fresh year, fresh start. To help me through this process, I wanted to post my progress, my stresses, and my strengths.  My goal is, by logging my journey, my motivation will stay high!

6 more days until the BIG START! Very excited!!! :)

- Becka

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