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Starting Whole30 January 1st - Ready to make changes


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Hey everyone! My name is Cristy and I will be doing my first Whole30 starting Jan 1st. I'm married with 2 teenage daughters so we're busy all the time. I have hypothyroidism and just had my blood work checked. All of my levels were in the acceptable range, but my blood sugar and cholesterol were both elevated from my last checkup and with diabetes and heart disease both in my family history, I decided it was time to make some serious changes to my diet. I'm so ready for this. I could stand to lose about 15 lbs, but that's my not focus of doing this and any weight lost will just be a bonus. I already pack food most days for breakfast and lunch, so it will just be a matter of changing what I bring. My biggest challenge will be nights that we have school activities, but I do have some ideas of what will work, so as long as I plan ahead, I should be good. I have a friend that is going to do this with me, so I'm hoping she can held with accountability. I need all the help I can get.

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