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Day 1 of my Whole30 - I am prepared!

All the way!

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I decided to start today, December 28, and not wait for January 1 because I am excited to begin what I know is a healthy and very doable way to eat and live. This is my second Whole30. I had great results with my first - I felt great and really enjoyed the wholesome foods I was cooking and eating, and by the end of it, I had lost 7.5 pounds (a lot for my 5’2” frame)! But then some life challenges somehow threw me off the wagon, and I fell back into bad habits. I am now getting back on and am looking forward to once again feeling more in control of my diet and my health. I’ve done my shopping and yesterday prepared a protein salad and a butternut squash soup. I am now going to prepare today’s breakfast - spinach frittata with blueberries on the side. Here’s to Day 1, and wishing everyone a wonderful day, many blessings in the New Year, and great success with the Whole30! 

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