Make Ahead Recipes please share here!


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I did meal prep this week with ground beef stuffed peppers, made 4 at once - you could make even more if you don't mind eating the same thing multiple days.

I also meal prepped hard boil eggs and grilled chciekn for salads.

Besides that I chopped up my tomatos, onions and peppers to throw in eggs/salads/other dinners throughout the week!


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I've fallen in love with soups! So here are some of my favorite soup recipes. I make a double batch, put them in mason jars, freeze them, and pull them out for breakfasts. I struggle with veggies for breakfast so creamy soup and scrambled eggs has become my go-to meal! Delicious! 

Soup Recipes 

And here are some other recipes that would give you a good number of delicious meals to store and eat through the week. I haven't froze any of these and don't know how they would do (I don't generally do the make-and-freeze type of cooking), but you could at least use them for a few meals. Mostly, I'm just passing them along because they're delicious and some of my favorites! 

Other Recipes 

Anyway, good luck to you! 


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I am on my 2nd Whole 30 and breakfast is always a challenge for me for 2 reasons; 1) I don’t like eating early in the day 2) I get tired of eggs.  So to prep for my first week I made a breakfast casserole with tons of veggies, a little bit of cubed potatoes, eggs and almond milk. Next week I’ll switch up the veggies and add some meat. 

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