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Whole 30 Start for the Two of Us

Mark J S

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My wife and I are starting Whole 30 on Monday 12/31.  Have read through the book, talked to others that have completed the program, have a plan for the first week of meals, and will  be cleaning the fridge and pantry and shopping this weekend. We feel ready to go.

I am looking to improve general health and weight control.  My wife has a number of medical related issues (diabetes II, high blood pressure, stroke recovery and weight) we hope to make progress with as well.  I am confident that once I post this, I will have committed myself to work through the 30 days.  While my wife has agreed and seems committed, my greatest fear is that I will need to insist too often that she follow through.  I am her caregiver and forcing choices on her can have negative impacts. By posting here I am going against my general grain of keeping things inside in the hopes of being prepared to ask for, and then finding, advice and support as needed, in the coming 30 days. 


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