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Who's starting 1/1?


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@JudiPurple, don't get discouraged! Remember all of the positive NSVs that you have experienced and that sustainable, permanent weight loss does not happen overnight. Often dramatic decreases in weight tend to reverse shortly after the "diet" is over, so I would take this as a good sign that you're taking steps towards lasting change. 

For me, the best NSVs were:

  • Meal planning and prepping became an automatic habit / second nature. I saved a lot of money bringing breakfast and lunch to work and not ordering out for dinner. I also found myself being much more resourceful and throwing out less food (hardly any at all, actually). 
  • More confidence and self-assurance, specifically with not drinking at social events. I felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin.
  • Steady, consistent energy throughout the day and MUCH better sleep. I always had trouble falling asleep before Whole30, and that has changed dramatically.
  • Generally looking and feeling better - my stomach is flatter (I lost 5 lbs), my skin seems clearer, and I'm rarely bloated or gassy (except when I OD on crucifers - which I've discovered can be my nemesis if I have too much). 

I'm planning to introduce "healthy" grains (oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, etc.), dairy (oh how I've missed you whole milk lattes and cheese!), and legumes. 

Congratulations to all!

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Day 31 is here, and while I thought on Day 1 I would be dying to get wine in my system, I am actually starting reintroduction with legumes, instead. Not missing the wine, and honestly not missing the legumes, either. Really the only thing I am looking forward to reintroducing is dairy, because if it turns out to be an okay food for me, that frees up busy event days for me if I can have yogurt for breakfast; like, truly makes my life 100% easier on those specific days. However, I have a fear it is going to cause some issues, so I am working up to it based on the suggested reintro schedule in the book.

I lost about 12 lbs. which was not the purpose so that is a bonus. And I have a lot of NSVs which surprised me, because I was not expecting any. Let's all list our favorite NSVs today so we can celebrate together! Mine are:

  • Flatter stomach, rings fitting better, less bloated, less joint swelling.
  • Less gas.
  • No longer use food as a reward, learned how to read a label, can identify cravings vs. hunger.
  • Sleeping more, less night sweats.
  • No more mid-day energy slump.

Hope to keep seeing people share during reintroduction to see just how differently food effects each person. I can already tell legumes make me cranky (based on my reactions to things at work), though no physical affects yet... - E 

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First reintroduction: dairy. I had a latte with skim milk at lunch time and I feel the bloat! I took my digestive enzymes with it, but it doesn't seem to be helping all that much. I also didn't have a lot of coffee during W30 (and when I did it was decaf) so that's causing me to sweat! Gross! I'm definitely not going to be doing dairy very much in the future. I'll try out Greek yogurt and other low-lactose foods, but for now it's looking like a no-go for me! 

Anyone else have reintro insights?

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Congrats everyone!!

For those wishing to stay together to do reintroductions and discuss your Food Freedom we ask that you move your group discussions to the After whole30 section of the forum so that it's not confusing to newbies who come along without reading the whole thread and wonder why you're eating peas and whipping cream (not together... ew!)

Usually one person makes a thread and then comes here and posts it for all to find but if you would like a moderator to make a thread for you, we can do that too.

Way to go!

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Hello all!  I am on Day 31!  I have not reintroduced anything yet, but here are my results:

  • I weighed myself this morning and gained three pounds but I was slender to begin with so while I was slightly annoyed, my BMI is still under 21.  (My BMI went from 20.4 to 20.8)  I think I am actually going to permanently ditch the scale.  I didn't miss it at all and have only weighed myself a few times this past year.  I only did a pre-weigh and a post-weigh for the purpose of Whole30.
  • My stomach is flatter and my waist is smaller.  
  • My skin looks amazing!!!  
  • My cheekbones are more pronounced.
  • My teeth are whiter.  I think this is because I am not snacking between meals, didn't drink red wine this month and drank less coffee.
  • I might be hallucinating, but I seem to have less gray hair around my temples.
  • I have better, steadier energy.
  • I am sleeping well every night and waking up easily every morning.
  • My biggest victory this month is really making healthy eating the most important priority for both me and my family.  I am making healthier meals for my family and waking up a little earlier to make them good breakfasts & lunches everyday in addition to good dinners.  We also talk more about healthy eating and how it makes us feel better than eating junk food.  My 10 yer old son told me he had pizza and a soda at a student council meeting and immediately had a stomachache after eating.  He said it wasn't worth feeling that way.  He asked me to bring healthy food and water when it was his turn to bring in a snack.  My 6 year old daughter told me that she asked for a sticker instead of a candy for a prize for behaving well in class.  I don't "forbid" them from eating junk food but I never buy it for them.  I want them to successfully learn how to make their own healthy choices by setting a good example and always having healthy food in the house.
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