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Hello! I'm planning on doing my first Whole 30 towards the end of January. In the mean time I'm doing my research, prep, and finishing off my current food that will not be part of that diet at the end of the month. 

I'm planning on roasting a chicken and then making a broth with the carcass. When I was reading the instructions in the book it said once the broth has cooled in the fridge that I should scrape the fat off the top and discard. Is that fat that comes off the broth something I could potentially keep to use as one of my cooking fats? I'm trying to budget conscious as well - and would love if this was an acceptable way of getting some fat instead of throwing it out. 

If I can keep it, what are the best storage methods? How long will it keep? Can this be used with the beef broth or other broths I might try to make in the future? 

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Yes, you can keep the fat if you want. Here's an explanation of what to do with it to make it easier to keep and cook with :

I would definitely buy the best quality chicken you can afford if you're doing this. The thinking is that the fat from factory-raised chickens (or any animals) contains more toxins from the lower quality food they're fed and from the stress that they are under in life as they're often packed into small areas rather than roaming freely as pasture-raised, free-range animals would be. (More on this here:

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