Not so supportive for my 2nd time

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I just started my second W30 and, as I did last time, I shared my plans publicly on Facebook and Insta and told my family.  The first time I did this, my mom was very supportive (my dad kinda couldn't care less either way- I just tell him what I can eat and send recipes that will work for everyone).  When I told mom in December I'm doing W30 again her initial response was "Why?"  Not inquisitive, more judgey.  I had some lingering effects from gluten and dairy last time and she felt that means this doesn't work for me.  I explained about A) getting out of sync over the holidays and B ) needing to refocus my eating.  She sorta shrugged it off.  I spend a lot of time with my family and we cook together whenever we see each other.  This has me feeling embarrassed and like I don't want to speak up about my needs next time I go to their house.  :( 

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