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Chipotle has Whole30 bowls


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2 minutes ago, ChristineTheBean said:

Hang on. The fajita veggies were (to my knowledge) non-compliant because they were cooked in a non-compliant oil (originally soybean, and then rice bran). Has this changed?

Yes, they are being cooked in sunflower oil now, I think -- it was addressed in the comments of the Instagram post. Unfortunately they don't seem to have changed the oil they cook other meats on, so still just the carnitas for that.

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My entire reason for trying to get my friends, family, and strangers on the internet to try a Whole30 is to get them on board with a clean eating lifestyle - because the more people who eat this way, the more companies/restaurants will want to market to us! *Evil laughter* 

In all seriousness though, as more people become knowledgeable about what foods are health promoting and how much ingredients matter, businesses will have to pay attention. There are so many more Whole30 compliant products then there were a few years ago, so hopefully more restaurants will get on the bandwagon eventually. 

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