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Wendy923 - Whole 30 (round two)


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Jan. 2, cont'd.


Portion of roasted chicken breast, three eggs and half an avocado.

Apparently this is not a good balance after reviewing with a coworker.  Going to need to do a better job at incorporating veggies.


A black rasperry sparking water (no sugar added).  It's no where near my Tito's and Cranberry, but it's the same color and I put it in my pretty cup with a little straw and tried to pretend.  If anyone has a good suggestion for a replacement drink, I'm all ears.


Jan. 3 (day two)

Exactly the same except my snacks were a banana and a clementine.

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Jan 3, day two, contd. 

dinner:  salad with chicken breast, half avocado, tomato, one egg. lol & vinegar. 

Jan 4 (day three):

Breakfast:  the buffalo chicken cassserole again. 

Lunch:  ditto. 

Snacks: a couple clementines and an apple with almond butter  

Dinner: chicken & veggie bowl from the Walmart whole 30 line  

Dessert: mashed banana with a little bit of almond butter  

Jan. 5 (day four):

breakfast: three eggs, half avocado and chicken apple sausage  

lunch: roasted sweet potato, apple with almond butter and a cashew larabar  


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