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Day 16:

Meal 1: Banana, 2 hard boiled eggs

Meal 2: Almonds,  meat stick, apple

Meal 3:  Chipotle Whole30 Bowl, more almonds

Exercise: Spin (13 miles)

Gah. Ended up with a pretty bad headache and had to take codeine last night. I usually get these headaches once a week, and I was quietly hoping that Whole30 might do away with them, but it looks like there is another cause.  I did have a cup of coffee at work and I'm wondering if the coffee they use is a trigger. That and not enough food during the day, which was a result of poor planning.

I know I've been snacking too much, but in all honesty snacking has never been an issue for me. My issue, always, is portion control. I will eat and eat until I'm bursting, so if a small piece of fruit or some nuts helps me control that beast,  then I'm not going to worry about it.  The good thing about Whole30, for me, is that while the foods are delicious, they aren't the kind that make you want to over-indulge. I mean, roasted broccoli is good, but I'm not going to go ham on it like I would a tray of Oreos. 

We've pretty much run out of any useful food, so I'm hoping to get back into the spirit of things by trying some new recipes this weekend. I bought the Whole30 Slow cooker recipe book and have yet to try a single recipe. If anyone has made anything delicious lately that they recommend, please let me know!







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Day 17:

Meal 1: Two Aidells chicken and asparagus sausages sautéed with onion, with avocado, and an apple

Meal 2: Lara Bar, meat stick, roasted almonds

Meal 3:  Steak with brussel sprouts and roasted potatoes in ghee

Exercise: 4 mile walk 

Felt really tired and cranky all day. And then cranky at myself for being cranky. If anyone has any suggestions  on how to tweak my days to get more energy, I would appreciate it.   The Lara bar was an emergency because we were at Target and I was hangry, but as soon as I had it I wanted 5, which means they might be an issue for me. They're just so good.

I bought some Teapigs chai tea and it is truly delicious. I've been loving how much tea I have been drinking lately.  I get a bit jittery on coffee.

NSV I forgot to mention, a coworker told me I looked like I had lost weight.

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Day 18:

Meal 1: Steak and basted eggs with EBTB seasoning, with sautéed onions 

Meal 2: A banana with almond butter (post-workout), GTs Trilogy Kombucha (pre-workout)

Meal 3:  Egg roll in a bowl

Exercise: Ropes and Rowers class

I'm proud to say I'm finally feeling better and have more energy.  I killed my workout and felt like my energy lasted pretty well throughout it. 

Still struggling to get three meals in. After such big breakfasts I'm simply not hungry for a meal-sized lunch.  I'm not going to push it, but listen to my body. 

The banana and almond butter snack felt like the most decadent treat. It was so delicious.  I was looking at the meal template, and I know it says not to have fruit after a workout, but it it awful to have a banana instead of sweet potato? I feel like they're such similar beasts.

One thing I have noticed is I'm waking up pretty hungry. I never used to eat or want breakfast until later, but now I do. I wonder if that is my metabolism kicking in! 

After dinner last night I was drinking chai tea and trying to decide if I wanted a clementine or if that was my sugar dragon talking. I decided if I didn't feel like a handful of almonds, then I probably didn't need it. That's a win from a girl who used to factor chocolate into her calories every night, without even stopping to consider if she would even feel like it. 



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