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Best thing to do is prepare a properly sized breakfast according to the template and eat a proportionate amount of whatever's on the plate until you're full. Then pack up whatever's left and finish it when you start feeling peckish again. Eventually you'll find that you're eating the full breakfast and not getting hungry between meals. 

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@CherDeez I too have a tough time having a larger breakfast. I eat enough to get me 3-4 hours into the day, but that doesn't get me to lunch. I'm going to assume that you are on the go between breakfast and lunch, so don't have tons of time to pull together a mini-meal. Here are some ides:

- Cut up veggies (celery, carrots, peppers, etc) with guac or another W30 dipping sauce

- Hard boiled eggs

- deli meat 

- pre made egg/frittata cups

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