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Living in Singapore, traveling in Asia


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Day 4 - first time Whole30-er Living in Singapore :) 

I've just spent the best part of an hour reading through old posts and I only found some references to Thailand about ingredients etc... 

My goal is to buy everything whole & fresh (personally it's just easier than reading labels) and cook at home; so beef, pork, fish, potatoes/sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruits and drink a TON of water. Dehydration could be an issue with 30 Degree heat, daily. Also trying to cut down coffee - might as well go for the win! 

I have a couple questions

1. I have issues with ACIDITY/ulcers so I'm suppose to limit fresh salad/raw vegetables (tomatoes, lemon, lime!!) my go-to lunch would be salad and I love seasoning with lemon. Any alternative easy lunch suggestions or ingredients I could use?

2. TRAVEL. I have personal trip planned to Vietnam and a Business one to Malaysia. Staying in a hotel I won't have a kitchen/self-cater option. And eating out i'm worried about MSG (i already know it gives me headaches) and RICE! What can I possible order/ask for that's Whole30 compliant? All soups and sauces will have MSG, Sugar (palm or other) 

In Singapore if I eat out I'm pretty sure to always be able to have an option of grilled chicken and a side of steamed veg. But not in Vietnam and other countries :(

Thanks in Advance!!


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