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Firefly's Whole30 Long (try #2)


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So, here I am....determined to make it through a full whole30.

I'm gonna start on the 7th on January and this time, I'm much more prepared as last time. I tried doing this in October, but I fizzled out part way through. Even though I didn't make it, I certainly saw results! I'm hoping to get those results back (& hopefully more).

Good luck to (me and) everyone else on this journey!

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Take two, day one

Breakfast: eggs & bacon, coffee, nutpods creamer

Lunch: Veggies & fruit with Tessamae's Cesar & wholly guacamole, pistachios, water

Snack: ....guacamole.....(I just love the stuff a lot)....

Dinner: Zoe's Kitchen (chicken kabobs, grilled potato salad, fresh fruit), water

This day one seemed to go pretty well. I didn't snack on anything heavily, and I was feeling it towards meal times. Otherwise, a pretty good day 1.

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Take two, day two

Breakfast: Eggs & bacon, coffee, nutpods creamer

Lunch: Whole Foods salad with above Cesar dressing, water

Dinner: GV Mediterranean Chicken

Overall, I could feel the hunger more today, but I just kept drinking water. The temptations are still there, but so far so good. :)  

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Take two, day three

Breakfast: Sausage, potato & pepper hash with 'detox' pesto, strawberries, coffee, nutpods creamer

Lunch: Whole Foods salad with Cesar & 'detox' pesto, water

Dinner: Sausage, kale & potato soup (from Whole30 Cookbook), side salad w/ Tessamae's Balsamic dressing, water

Snacks: Sunflower seeds & pistachios

Overall.....holy head-ache. I could definitely feel one today, and it's lasting (even to right this moment). And also, I'm just darn tired and feel like I could take a nap at any time of the day.....I know this feeling will soon disappear, but today.....man, this hit me like a train.

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Take two, day four

Breakfast: Aforementioned hash with pesto, 1 avocado & 3 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, strawberries, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Fruit, veg & Cesar dressing as dip, pistachios, & guacamole, water

Dinner: Aforementioned soup

Snacks: kirkland's seaweed snacks

Overall.....headache was much better today. Even though that was the case, I think I ate too much breakfast, because I have not felt a single bit hungry after eating that today. Or maybe I'm just eating just the right amount of meal template stuff.....:blink:......who knows. 

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Take two, day five

Breakfast: Hash with the last of my pesto (for now) and ketchup, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Another salad from Whole Foods (with Tessamae's Caesar) along with some fruit, water

Dinner: Thai red curry, lots of water

Snacks: Guacamole, pistachios, Country Archer beef jerky

Overall, today was a solid day. When I felt bits of hunger, I just quelled that down with nuts & beef jerky. And also, I went out for some Thai food at a local restaurant. I'm really proud of the fact that I actually asked the server about what was in some food I was interested in. They also say that use fresh ingredients and prepare as fresh as they can. So, I know I'm taking a chance of above curry having something not compliant in it....but I'm an adult, and I planned this before even thinking about doing another Whole 30, so I'll just continue. (and this actually makes me realize that I'm doing than I did the first time around.) :) 

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Take two, day six

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon & ketchup, 2 tangerines, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Avocado chicken salad with bell pepper slices, green apple slices & almond butter, water

Dinner: Boneless ribs, kimchi, kirkland seaweed snacks, water

Snacks: sunflower seeds, green apple slices & almond butter

Overall, today was just about the same as yesterday. Wasn't feeling too much hunger, and temptations are easier for me to say no to. Also, after reading a post about medicine, I came to discover that my vitamin d3 has soy product in it. :mellow: And to add on, today was the first time I went to church since starting this round, so I've come to the conclusion that I will still partake in communion. Other than that....nothing was wrong. (and I'm still doing better than I did the first time around at this time). 

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Take two, day seven

Breakfast: 2 bacon and guacamole 'sammies', 1 tangerine, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Sausage & potato hash with ketchup, caesar & sunflower seeds, 2 tangerines, water

Dinner: Sausage kale & potato soup, 1 burger with an egg & ketchup, water

No snacking today (#NSV)

Overall, today was not really any different than the last day or two. I'm getting better about waking up, but for some reason I'm just wide awake and not wanting to go to bed by the time I usually go to bed (....weird...). This prompted me to have a second cup of coffee for the first time in a while, and it didn't feel a whole lot different from when I drink just one cup of coffee. (....also weird...). I'll see what the future holds I guess.


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Take two, day eight

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with some hash & ketchup, 1 tangerine, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Avocado chicken salad with bell pepper & green apple slices, caesar for dipping, water

Dinner: Sausage kale & potato soup, water

Snacks: a few pistachios and seaweed snacks

Overall, I have felt pretty pissed off about small stuff (for the last three days actually). I know there is an 'I'm angry!' phase, but I have most definitely been feeling the effects of it. Also, today was the first time I actually had an after work nap, which is something that occurred all too often before I took this plunge. 

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Take two, day nine

Breakfast: Bacon, strawberry & blueberry salad with caesar dressing, coffee & creamer

2nd Breakfast: Potatoes, bacon, & fruit

Dinner: grilled burger with guacamole, side salad with caesar dressing, water

Snacks: Grapes, pistachios, guacamole, bits of tomorrow's lunch, seaweed snacks

Overall, today was kind of an oddball. It was my day off and my whole morning consisted of medical appointments. Because of that, I had what seemed like another meal in between appointments. And that threw me off, so I didn't eat a full-fledged lunch, and yada yada......that was my day food wise. On other terms, I had a great day (because I just dedicated today as my 'mental health day'), and I heard that's a good thing to do every now and then. :) There are some goals that I would like to set and accomplish for myself for the next two weeks (and more) of this Whole 30. I need to get crack-a-lackin on these! Okay, I'll stop ranting now.

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Take two, day ten

Breakfast: Kale, hash & egg scramble with ketchup, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Chicken salad, bell peppers & mushrooms, caesar dressing (for dipping), wholly guacamole, water

Dinner: House salad (minus non-compliant ingredients), caesar dressing (that I brought), fresh fruit, water

Snacks: Jumbo cashews

Overall, another great day actually! I actually managed to put some greens into my breakfast (I need to focus eating more of that, and my plan is to go and buy more spinach and baby kale and stuff). Also, I went out to a local cafe for an event they were hosting. This cafe hash some sandwiches and salads that are sooo yummy, but I managed to stick to their house salad (minus lots of things) and fruit. (#NSV) But after eating all of that, I felt like that wasn't enough, so I rushed to a nearby store to see if they had anything that I could snack on, and I managed to find cashews (just before closing). I snacked on a lot of those than I probably should have, but at least it kept me full for the rest of the day. :) 

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Take two, day eleven

Breakfast: Strawberries, lavva strawberry yogurt, 1 tbsp chia seeds, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Salad (spinach, red onions, blueberries, olives, mushrooms, caesar dressing), water

Dinner: Burger with 2 slices bacon, 1 over-easy egg, side salad w/ caesar, water

Snacks: 4(?) slices of oranges

Overall, a good day. I managed to get ingredients for the coming days as well as prep 2 days worth of breakfasts. But after eating lunch and kicking back with my phone, I felt super sleep again. I ended up taking an hours worth of a nap (+30 minutes of staying stationary) before getting up and doing stuff for the evening. I have no idea what is causing this. Even though this hasn't happened much since starting whole 30, this has been a reoccurring thing. I get more than enough sleep, but I also feel tired at parts of the day. *le sigh*. But other than that, everything else was fine. 

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Take two, day twelve

Breakfast: Fennel, spinach, orange & bacon salad w/ half avocado, caesar dressing

Lunch(?): Naked smoothie

Dinner: Small soup (sausage, kale potato), small hash (sausage, potato & peppers), tangerine, water

Snacks: Small helping of hash, tangerine

Overall, I let lunch get away from me. I had plans about eating stuff, but then I spent too much time at Michael's.....:unsure: Anywho, I had another small victory today. Right after work I went to a brewery for music bingo. Usually they have some kind of food, and there was no temptation to get anything (yay!). But now I feel hungry......*le sigh*, for every victory comes a setback I guess......

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Take two, day thirteen

Breakfast: Spinach and scrambled eggs (in virgin coconut oil) w/ tabasco

Snack 1: 1 tangerine, pineapple & strawberry slices

Snack 2: strawberries in raspberry yogurt

Dinner: Greek salad w/ oil & vinegar, 1 baked potato (w/ ghee, S&P, & caesar)

Overall, today started out weird. I had a pretty good sized breakfast because I knew I wanted to go to a BodyPump launch at my gym. I did that, and then.....it was time for lunch. I really wasn't starving or terribly hungry so I just had some pineapples & strawberries (which were ah-mazing). Two hours later, I decided since I didn't have a proper lunch, I should probably eat a little something again, hence the second snack. Then afterwards, I did my very first escape room with some peeps, and then we went over to a favorite restaurant of mine. This is where my day turned from ??? to fabulously great! This place has some awesome cocktails (that I didn't order) and some flipping ah-mazing tots that come with a spicy mayo dipping sauce (which I also didn't order or steal from anyone else's plates). I actually had enough willpower (and some support from peeps) to not order any guilty pleasure from that restaurant, and I actually did it! Now that's a huge-ass victory for me today. So, to compensate/leverage all of that out, I went home and had a baked potato with ghee, S&P and caesar, which made me just as happy (because....potato.......) :) 

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Take two, day fourteen

Breakfast: Banana, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Burger with 1/2 mashed avocado & salsa, side salad with caesar, water

Snack: a few potato sticks I was cooking & some leftover egg ^_^

Dinner: Mussels, salmon, potatoes (with ghee, parsley, black pepper & caesar), salad, water

Overall, this morning was a bit rough. For one, I woke up late. Two, Aunt Flo was hanging around...so therefore I just had a banana, and that held me over until lunch-time (fortunately). Then the rest of the day turned out good. I meal prepped some egg cups, potato stick/fries (that are baked), and a huuuge batch of paleo chili. But then again, I still have 2 more servings of sausage, kale & potato soup left, and I do not feel like eating another day's worth of that (WHYWON'TYOUGOAWAY). So yeah.....

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Soo......to put things short and sweet.....today was a total bust. After eating breakfast, my stomach was upset with me for the rest of the day. :angry: It was actually all weird and crap, even after putting a Mighty Mango shake in there, so other than that, my day consisted of about 6 store brand pepto bismol pieces, water & some curly fries (as a result of poor planning........but at least I didn't get ketchup with it and say *fuckthis*). 

In other words, I'll act like today just didn't happen and just extend this journey another full day.

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Take two, day fifteen

Breakfast: The last of my hash with 'detox pesto', salsa, & ketchup, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Thai red curry (that was on the spicy side for me)

Dinner: Paleo chili with 1 avocado, potato sticks/fries that I prepped (I really don't like using fries as it implies that I've eaten something non-complient) with ketchup, water

Overall, today was a much better day. Even though my stomach felt a heck of a lot better today, I know it's gonna be another day or two before I go back to feeling completely normal. Other than that, I didn't snack on anything today (as I'm trying to cut down on snacking in general) and I didn't just say to myself 'screw this', so therefore, today was a good day for me.


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Take two, day sixteen

Breakfast: 3 egg cups with 1/2 avocado, pesto & ketchup, coffee & creamer

P.O.(?)/Snacks afterwards: 1/4 Epic venison bar, 1 apple cinnamon Epic bar, bits of Mediterranean burger & green onion, water

Dinner: the rest of the Thai red curry, salad w/ my own dressing!, water

Overall, today was good. I know for (at least) the next 3-5 days or so my eating schedule is going to be weird. I'm going to be working overnight for work for two of those days and recovering from that for (at least) two-three of those days, so all of that is going to throw my body clock off whack. Also, a few things to mention in bullet form.
*I ate breakfast about 1 1/2 hours before working out and tried to eat a venison bar right after my workout, but I just don't think I'll ever be a jerky type of person. I've tried and tried again, but I just find any kind of jerky (even the Country Archer ones I eat periodically) on a super super salty side. I think that combined with the game-ness of this in general just kind of turns me off.
*This afternoon, I grilled by myself for the first time ever! I made Mediterranean spiced burgers & charred green onion (from pg. 53 of the Whole30 cookbook)! Everything seemed to work just like a charm, so I'm proud of myself for that. Now, I can look forward to those, with some home fries, salad & tzatziki on top!!! :D

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Take two, day seventeen

Breakfast: 1 banana, 2 tangerines, coffee & creamer

Lunch: the rest of my avocado chicken salad on a bed of spinach w/ my own dressing (and about 10 pistachios), guacamole, water

Dinner: Leftover salmon & potatoes, guacamole, water

Snack: Epic lemon bar

Overall, today went just about as expected. My day got off to a rather late start, so that just threw off my eating times & such. After working out, I found that all I could do was (figuratively) choke some food down because I needed to eat. This was not so apparent as lunch as it was with dinner. I really didn't feel like eating anything else, but I managed to finish some salmon & potatoes with the help of my good friend, Wholly Guacamole, and lots of water. And then just to get my mind off of that unpleasant experience, I ate an Epic lemon bar.......(:unsure:). Maybe tomorrow will be a bit better.....or maybe not.......I work for approximately 8-9 hours tomorrow night (inventory....yay......), so that will be an epic event in itself.

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Take two, day eighteen

Breakfast: 1 fried over-easy egg, 2 whole pieces of bacon, coffee & creamer

Mid-day: Guacamole, 1/2 avocado with salt & guacamole seasoning, a few grapes, water

Dinner: 1 Mediterranean burger w/ 1 green onion, tzatziki sauce & detox pesto, home fries, water

Overall, today also went just about as expected. For some reason I woke up even later today, so that indeed threw my eating times off again. It actually might take me a few days before my body-clock re-adjusts (only to have it thrown off again next Friday....ugh). Anywho......at least I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Take two, day nineteen

Late night: 1 RX bar

Almost mid-day: 1 banana, coffee & creamer

Lunch(?): Fennel & orange salad, 2 turkey bacon slices crumbled & 1 avocado cubed on top, with spinach as the green & caesar dressing, water

Evening: A hefty handful of blueberries

Overall, today was extremely weird, but expected. Got done with work a little after 3 in the morning, and stayed up until 4:30.........which meant I didn't wake up until after 11. And, to top it all off, I took about a 4(?) hour nap in the middle of afternoon........and my plan is to try and fall asleep around 11-midnight. :blink: Wowza

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Take two, day twenty (already?! :o)

Breakfast: 2 tangerines, 2 scrambled eggs w/ detox pesto & salsa, 2 slices turkey bacon, the rest of the home fries, coffee & creamer, water

Afternoon: Blueberries & strawberries w/ lavva blueberry yogurt

Dinner: Trader Joe's grass-fed beef sirloin w/ pesto & BBQ sauce, 1 baked potato w/ olive oil, S&P, & caesar dressing, side salad with dressing, water

Overall, today was more of a regular day for me......maybe because it's a Sunday, and that means church. But anywho, I've really started to feel stuck as far as meal planning goes. Good thing I had the sirloin in the fridge, otherwise, I would have just had the potato & salad and been in a rut trying to come up with some more meal ideas as I approach these last few days. My eating schedule should get back to normal for the next 4-ish days before I have to do another night shift.


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Take two, day twenty-one

Breakfast: Overnight chia pudding (blueberries, chia seeds, almond milk, powdered ginger & cinnamon), coffee & creamer

Lunch: Country Archer beef jerky, bell peppers, detox pesto, pistachios, 1 tangerine, blueberries, water

Dinner: Korean grilled beef dipped in sesame oil & salt, cauliflower rice, kimchi, water

Snacks: Naked's Blue Machine (not the best choice....I know now.......)

Overall, I really wanna say that today was good, but there were a few hiccups for sure. First off, I should have known that chia pudding wouldn't be nearly enough to hold me over until lunch on a workday. So hence, that's why I got Blue Machine. Even though it's technically a no & it technically has compliant ingredients, it held me over well until lunch. And no, I'm not starting over or adding another day, because this was a sort-of-emergency case (and when I'm not W30, I rarely have smoothies, if at all). And also.....I DIDN'T WANT EGGS TODAY. NO NO NO!

Otherwise, everything else went smoothly. For dinner, my parents decided that they were having some Korean grilled meat that I absolutely love. Nothing off-limits were used, and I just adapted the meal to fit what I'm doing (go me! #NSV). And after some home-work, I will go about planning the rest of my W30 and reintroduction.........because I only have nine days to go. :o

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Take two, day twenty-two

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs w/ spinach, the last of the pesto, & ketchup, 2 pieces of bacon, coffee & creamer

Lunch: a nice, colorful salad (spinach, bell pepper, a few jumbo cashews, red onion, blueberries, caesar dressing), water

Dinner: (kinda) small bowl of paleo chili w/ 1/2 avocado, water

Snacks: a few seaweed snacks

Overall, today was a much better day. Since I'll be going grocery shopping on Thursday (most likely.....barring any strange weather), I figured I can fight through 2 more days of eggs. So today, I went with the scrambled variety with spinach. Other than that, nothing unusual or bad or out of the ordinary happened. 

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Take two, day twenty-three

Breakfast: 2 over-easy eggs, 2 pieces bacon, 1 banana, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Another nice salad (lettuce, tomato, blueberries, Trader Joe's sirloin, home-made avocado dressing), water

Dinner: 1 baked potato (w/ ghee, s&p, ranch), a few pieces of sirloin, side salad (w/ caesar), water

I have nothing to put after this today except that I'm am feeling TIRED. I've been waking up earlier than my body's used two, I actually drank 1 cup of coffee today (instead of two, like the past two days), and I STILL managed to stay tired & take a 2 hour nap after work. Yikes. 

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