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I have suffered from chronic yeast infections for over a year and was prescribed flucanazole medicine to take as needed when I experience flare ups. I’m on day 7 of whole 30 and definitely think I have an infection (Burning, discharge, etc). Is it okay to take that medicine? 

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I used to suffer from chronic yeast infections and that is actually what brought me to the Whole30 the first time i did it. I'm on my 3rd one in about 5 years (I like to restart every once in a while but normally try to eat whole foods in between too) and I no longer suffer from yeast infections. 

I'm not trying to advise you one way or the other as far as taking fluconazole but I want to share my story with you because it may be similar to yours. 

I also had the recurring infections and the prescription to go along with it. I took a pill about once a month when my infection would flare up and it would usually take care of it for the most part but not permanently since it would always come back within a few weeks to a month. I had other symptoms too, frequent constipation, constant bloating, cramping. I starting doing some research into underlying causes and I also saw a naturopathic doctor which totally changed my life.

Basically, the way fluconazole works is by killing all of the bacteria in your body, including candida (yeast). The problem with this is that your gut no longer has any healthy bacteria to fight off future candida and the vicious cycle repeats itself nonstop. Sugars, yeasty foods, and simple carbs then enter your body when you eat and feed the candida further which causes another infection. You have almost no control over this if your body doesn't have enough good bacteria in it. 

My doctor ordered bloodwork and found that I was actually nutrient deficient across the board because my body wasn't absorbing the nutrients in my food because it wasn't even able to break down my food without the bacteria I needed. Then, undigested bits of food were getting through my system and into my gut where the candida fed on it and went wild. Basically, I had a whole-system candida infection for YEARS of my life and the way it was manifesting was via yeast infections, constipation, and bloating. 

What I discovered, is that a really good probiotic and a change of diet can fix all of that without ever having to take the pill again. Now, I would never ever take fluconazole again in my life because I know that it would cause that whole chain of events to happen again. I take a super good probiotic every day and if I feel I'm about to get a yeast infection I take 2 or 3. You can also put probiotics directly into your vagina if you feel like you're going to get one. You do have to make sure that you get a good quality probiotic though, and if its not refrigerated, don't take it. So yes, I do still get them very rarely but when I do, its always because my diet has completely off-railed and I've been living on pasta and beer for weeks straight (sometimes I just lose control, what can I say). 

Now this might not be enough at first, my naturopath had me taking a digestive enzyme with meals to help my body break down the foods so that I could absorb nutrients and stop feeding the bad guys and I took that for about a year with all food. Now I still take those when I'm going to eat something really unhealthy like pasta or a bowl of ice cream but I don't need them at every meal, and I certainly don't need them during my Whole30. 

So anyways, I guess I am kind of telling you not to take the pill but I'm not a doctor or anything so you should take that with a grain of salt. This is just my experience and I do believe that taking fluconazole will make it worse instead of better, but you should make an informed decision on your own. I would definitely however, recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor instead of a regular one. 

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