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Dorm room ideas

anna leigh

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Do you have a refrigerator? Do you have access to compliant foods in your cafeteria? Is there a kitchen of any kind you can use, like a community kitchen for the dorm, or do you have a microwave or toaster oven?

If you have a fridge, you can keep mayo, salad dressing, and maybe a few other things in it, depending how much room you have. Cans or pouches of tuna or salmon won't need refrigeration, they can be a good protein source in a pinch. 

It is also possible that this is not the best time for you to do a strict whole30 if you really don't have a lot of control over your food preparation, and that is okay. It might be that for now, you do the best you can with the foods you have access to, and do a strict whole30 in the future. Think about what your goals are with this, and whether a strict whole30 is the best way to accomplish those goals right now.


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