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Coconut milk and upset stomach?

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Hi Everyone, 

I started whole30 4 days ago and since have been drinking my coffee with canned organic coconut milk/cream. I have been noticing digestive issues,  bloating, constipation and extreme fatigue. Has anyone else had an issue with this? 

I notice it shortly after having my coffee, but it continues throughout the day. I was just doing some research and noticed there could be a coorelation...

P.S. the rest of my diet hasn’t changed much from what it was before, as I ate pretty clean and and alot of veggies. The big difference has been removing legumes, dairy and sugar, so it’s not the additional veggies as you would possibly think. 

Any input it experience with this would be great. 


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Some people do react to coconut products, especially if they increase the volume of them as happens for many on whole30. Try cutting out the coconut milk for a few days and see if that helps. 

The fatigue is not uncommon in the first week or so of whole30. Even if you were eating pretty cleanly before, you may be getting fewer carbs now than you were, so your body could be adapting to that.

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