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Reincorporating Sugar


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 After doing a search of the forum for weather coconut sugar is bad or not, I feel the need to preface this post by saying that I completely understand that absolutely no form of sugar is whole 30 both in spirit and because it promotes your sugar dragon growing.

However, having done 5 whole 30s, the first for our self-experiments and the others for a health reset, I am pretty much whole 30 in my everyday life with the exception of going out to eat and occasionally having a sauce with sugar in it. What I’m wondering is this...are there any natural sugars out there (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, etc) that technically follow the scientific guidelines of the whole 30 (aside from the fact that they are “added sugar” of course).

Im trying to make sure that the source of sugar I chose to reincorporate is the least unhealthy one. Is there some scientific ranking of sugars and how they effect the human body? I know this can totally vary person to person, but I assume there are some general rankings.

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From a Whole30 standpoint, sugar is sugar is sugar. Articles that rate some as better than others usually point to things like maple syrup having some extra minerals, or honey having anti-microbial properties, but to my mind, those things are not enough to make up for the fact that they are still sugar.  You can google something like best types of sugar and read articles that do rank them if you want to. 

In general, limit how much sugar you have, but use the one that works best for you, or for the particular application you're using it for at the moment. You shouldn't be having enough of it that some tiny bit of slightly-more-healthy is going to make a huge difference for you. 

Here's the official Whole30 stance on sugar:  http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-sugar-manifesto/ 

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