Use of Kind or RX Bars When Traveling


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My husband and I are doing are first Whole 30!  We are on Day 4 and feeling great.  Hubs just found out he has to travel on Tuesday - taking a 5 am train, and probably returning around dinner time.  I bought a cooler pack for him to bring his breakfast and lunch, but he's worried with such a long time between the two meals he needs something for in-between to avoid an emergency trip to a vending machine (he'll be in a secure building and can't just leave to search something out).  Would him having a compliant RX or Kind bar be OK if he needs something to eat in between meals as long as we don't make a habit of it?  

Thanks so much!

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Yes, as long as it is compliant, this would be an okay use of these types of bars. I would suggest that if he's okay with it, you might look for Epic bars or jerky or other meat bars if you can find them, just because they're more protein and will probably stay with him a little better than the fruit-based bars will. Whatever bars you end up with, it might be worth throwing in a packet of olives as well for the extra fat -- with the fruit based bars especially having them with some fat can help prevent the sugar rush and then drop that could happen, and even with the meat bars or jerky the fat could help keep him satisfied a little longer.

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