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Heilala Pure Vanilla Extract


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Hello!!  I've been searching Amazon for a W30 compliant (and affordable) vanilla power...came across Heilala Pure Vanilla Alcohol-Free Extract...It claims to have no alcohol, artificial flavors, or preservatives.  


I am BRAND NEW to Whole30 - Tomorrow is Day 1, actually -- but is this something I can go ahead and buy for next week's coffee??




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Here's what the Can I Have list says:

Vanilla Extract: No

Honestly, we think this ruling is kind of silly (nobody uses vanilla extract for the buzz), but we must be consistent with the guidelines to avoid confusion. The vast majority of vanilla extracts you can purchase for home use (in-store and online) contain alcohol, and the rest contain sugar alcohols. And, since we ask you to exclude alcohol and all forms of sugar from your Whole30, vanilla extracts are non-compliant. (If you see vanilla extract listed as an ingredient, you can count that product out for your Whole30, too.)

Tip: You can use 100% vanilla bean powder in place of vanilla extract. We use it in a 1:1 ratio in recipes (1 tsp. vanilla extract = 1 tsp. vanilla bean powder).


Glycerin is a sugar alcohol and isn't allowed on whole30.

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