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Ok, now I know there have been posts about this before, but none with what seemed to be what I was about to purchase. I’ve added photos. Is this Whole30 complaint?? It says no artificial flavors. Only natural. This is my first time doing Whole 30 and it’s day one. I tried black coffee and I couldn’t do it. Help! I really don’t want to screw this up already!! 



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2 hours ago, Mmurray19 said:

To piggy back off of this mocha question... I was given a package of vital proteins collagen creamer in the Mocha flavored. I’ve been hesitant to use it. The website says Whole30 approved but the nutritional facts show 1g of sugar. Is this a compliant product to use? 

From what I can tell online, it looks like all the ingredients are compliant. Many foods have naturally occurring sugars, which show up in the nutritional facts, but Whole30 isn't worried about those. If those were against the rules we couldn't eat any fruits or vegetables, since pretty much all of them have some amount of naturally occurring sugar. As long as there's nothing in the ingredients list that is against Whole30 rules, it is okay to have.

Having said that, I have not tried this product so I don't know how close it gets to an actual mocha, but if you have a major Starbucks problem where pre-Whole30 you were having mochas or other fancy coffees every day, or if you try this product and find it stirs up your sugar dragon and leaves you craving all the sugary things, then you might not want to use it during your Whole30. 

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