Compliant Ham/Deli meat

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Hi all,

I am in Australia and looking for compliant cold meats without having to go to a specialty butcher. Can anyone tell me if the below are OK or not OK? (note - this is not all the ingredients, just the ones I'm not sure of).

ham #1:
dextrose ^
mineral salts (451, 452) *
hydrolysed vegetable proteins
antioxidant (316)
wood smoke *

ham #2:
potato starch *
vegetable fibre
acidity stabilisers (451, 452) *

* I think this is OK?

^ I think this is not OK :(

thank you :)

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Ham is generally a toughie if you're trying to find a compliant one. 

Deli meat in general seems to be one of the harder things to find, but ham practically always has sugar.


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