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I'm currently in my second Whole30 and, last time I did this, I had no issues with legumes or GF grains.  I'm wondering, to give me more time analyzing my reactions to gluten and dairy, is it ok to gloss over the legume/GF reintros- maybe skip them all together.  Just leap right into dairy (which I'm breaking into lactose free dairy, then grassfed dairy, then conventional dairy, all with 2 days between), followed by gluten.  I would, of course, still stick to the plan of being 100% compliant outside of the reintro areas.

I would, once completely done, resume eating legumes and GF grains.

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You do not have to re-test foods that you already know your physical reaction to (ie, I would never, ever test dairy again). You may like to re-test them anyway though and see if they provoke any emotional or mental reaction. For example, does having that amount of carbs trigger sugar cravings or cravings for breads etc? 

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