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I'm on day 2 and want to make sure that I'm having normal symptoms and not getting sick. Rather than being exhausted I have been very foggy all day and as the day has worn on my neck, lower back, and legs feel achy. I'm 30 with no previous significant medical conditions. The grogginess has worn off but now I feel a headache. My meals were as follows:

Meal 1: Turkey sausage hash with potatoes, peppers, fried egg, and avocado


Meal 2: chicken breast (baked with lots of oil) over leafy greens with potatoes, some walnuts, olive oil vinaigrette, and beets and an apple.

Meal 3/snack: small banana, olives, and chomp stick

Meal 4: roasted spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and sauteed Turkey topped with avocado and black olives


I tried upping the fat today. I know the creators indicate day 2 is a general malaise but that is subjective and wondering if anyone else has experienced the above. Thanks!

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Hi @NatalieG30, I'm sorry you are experiencing some issues, and this definitely could be the typical W30 adjustments your body will be making over the month. You're meals look mostly good to me, as long as each one is keeping you full for at least 4 hours. The only small piece of advice I have is making sure you have enough fat in Meal 2. The olive oil vinaigrette certainly counts, but if you are under-dressing the dish it may not be enough.

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