HELP! Possible soybean oil in pumpkin seeds!!!!

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Finishing up day 3 of whole 30 + in the midst of packing tomorrow's snacks I (to my surprise) looked at the back of the pumpkin seed ingredients and saw pumpkin seeds, and/OR canola/soybean oil. SOS! I can't believe I didn't notice this- I guess I just assumed the only ingredient was pumpkin seeds? It says and OR canola / soybean so Idk the odds there was soybean ?? I've only had them once or twice since I've started. 

Reallllly don't want to start over- and last round I discovered that soy wasn't an issue so im hoping the minuscule amount I may have consumed will be just fine if I avoid these seeds for the rest of the time being ? -or just find compliant ones.



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